North America

  • United States of America
  • Kingdom of Borealia
  • Quebec (Subdivision of the French Union)
  • Louisiana (Subdivision of the French Union)

South America

  • Technocratic Republic of Argentinia
  • Technocratic Republic of Uruguay
  • Technocratic Republic of Paraguay
  • Holy Order of Surinam


  • State of the United Technocratic Republics (SUTR)


  • Republic of China
  • Far Eastern Republic
  • Japan-Korea
  • United States of Indonesia
  • Mongolia


  • British Antarctic Territory
  • French Antarctic Territory
  • Hansa Antarctic Territory
  • Prussian Antarctic Territory
  • Chilean Antarctic Territory
  • Argentinian Antarctic Territory
  • Brazilian Antarctic Territory


  • Prussia
  • Austria
  • Bavaria
  • Switzerland
  • French Union
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland and Tasmania
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • New Russian Empire
  • Italy
  • Hanseatic Republic


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