This is a list of nations in The Bolshevik:1916.

Nations of The Bolshevik:1916-Map as of 2009 Blue-NATO/Capitalist Red-NETO/Communist Green-Non Allied Union/Other


Eastern Europe

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR/Soviet Union)

Socialist Turkish Republic

Socialist Republic of Greece

Cypriot Socialist Republic

Albanian Union

Republic of Serbia

Bosnian Republic

Union of Croatia and Slovenia

Socialist Kingdom of Hungary

Republic of the Czechs

Socialist Polish Republic

Republic of Estonia

Latvian Peoples Republic

Republic of Lithuania

Peoples Republic of Romania

Bulgarian Peoples Republic

Western Europe

Socialist Republic of Britain
Socialistrepublic britainflag

Flag of the Socialist Republic of Britain

Norwegian Republic

Swedish Socialist Republic

Finnish Peoples Republic

Peoples Republic of Denmark

Icelandic Republic

German Union

Republic of the Netherlands

Socialist Kingdom of Belgium

Republic of France

Italian Free Republic

Swiss Confederation

Austrian Republic

Republic of San Marino

Maltese Peoples Republic

Portuguese Republic

Spanish Socialist Republic

Basque Socialist Republic

Free Republic of Catalonia

Spanish State


East Asia

Great Manchu Empire

Republic of China

Tibetan Lamate

Korean Republic

Empire of Japan

Taiwanese Republic

Indian Subcontinent

Socialist Union of India

Pakistani Islamic Republic

Kingdom of Nepal

Kingdom of Bhutan

Afghani Peoples Republic

Middle East

Socialist Republic of Iran

Iraqi Republic

Syrian Union

Israeli Republic

Peoples Palestinian Free State

Kingdom of Jordan

Kuwaiti Republic

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

United Arab Emirates

Omani Sultanate

Yemeni Republic

Southeast Asia

United Republic of Annam

Peoples Khmer Republic

Socialist Republic of Myanmar

Thai Socialist Republic

Malay Union

Republic of Singapore

Free Sultanate of Brunei

Filipino Republic

United States of Indonesia

Republic of Timor-Leste


North America

Northern America

United States of America

Republic of Cascadia

United Mexican States

Free Republic of California

Free Republic of Nevada

United Mexican States (1999)

Central America

State of Panama

Guatemalan Republic

Peoples Republic of Belize

Honduras Socialist Republic

El Salvadorian Free Republic

Mosquito Coast Peoples Republic

Costa Rican Republic


South America


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