This are the nations you can find on the world of Terra Nostrum

Eurafrasia & Oceania

  • Flag of Italy  – People's Empire of Rome
  • Flag of Russia  – Holy Slavic Kingdom
  • Flag of Sweden  – Scandinavian Empire
  • Flag of Australia  – Great Empire of Asia
  • Flag of Liberia  – Free Cities of Liberia
  • Flag of Libya  – Kingdom of the Congo
  • Flag of Somalia  – Free City of Somalia
  • Flag of Tanzania  – Republic of Azania
  • Flag of South Africa  – Republic of South Africa

North America

  • Flag of Canada  – Federation of Alaska
  • Flag of Cuba  – Indo-Caribbean Union
  • Flag of Nicaragua  – Kingdom of the Maya
  • Flag of Mexico  – Republic of Aztlan
  • Flag of California  – Mormon's Deseret Republic
  • Flag of Norway  – Confederation of Terranova
  • Flag of the United States  – United States of America

South America

  • Flag of Brazil  – Empire of Brazil
  • Flag of Chile  – Republic of the Patagonia
  • Flag of Peru  – Empire of the Inca
  • Flag of Venezuela  – Republic of Nova Julius

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