The following is a list of nations affected by the Clockwork Age in the Of Clockwork and Men ATL. This list, as of April 13th, 2013, applies to the world as of 1872. Please feel free to expand it as needed.

North America

Nation Capital Language(s) Notes Article Status Population
Canadian Red Ensign 1868-1921 Canada Ottawa English, French Canon 3,589,000
Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica San José Spanish Canon 135,540
Flag of Cuba Cuba Havana Spanish Spanish Colony Canon 945,780
Flag of the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Spanish Canon 820,000
Flag of El Salvador (April 1865) El Salvador San Salvador Spanish Canon 751,000
Flag of Guatemala Guatemala Guatemala City Spanish Canon 930,000
Flag of Haiti (civil) Haiti Port-au-Prince French, Haitian Creole Canon 830,000
Flag of Honduras Honduras Tegucigalpa Spanish Canon 940,000
Flag of Nicaragua (1858-1889 and 1893-1896) Nicaragua Managua Spanish Canon 580,000
Flag of Mexican Empire Third Mexican Empire Mexico City Spanish Canon 15,000,000
US flag 37 stars United States of America Washington DC English Leading power in the world Canon 38,371,817

South America

Nation Capital Language(s) Notes Article Status Population
Flag of Argentina Argentina Buenos Aires Spanish Canon 3,000,000
Flag of Bolivia (state) Bolivia Sucre Spanish Canon 780,000
Flag of Chile Chile Santiago Spanish Canon 2,100,000
Flag of Ecuador Ecuador Quito Spanish Canon 987,000
Flag of Empire of Brazil (1870-1889) Empire of Brazil Rio de Janeiro Portuguese Canon 9,930,479
Flag of Paraguay 1842 Paraguay Asunción Spanish Canon 728,000
Flag of Peru (1825 - 1950) Peru Lima Spanish Canon 1,800,000
Flag of Colombia United States of Colombia Bogotá Spanish Canon 5,400,000
Flag of Uruguay Uruguay Montevideo Spanish Canon 982,000


Nation Capital Language(s) Notes Article Status Population
Flag of Andorra(1934) Andorra Andorra la Vella Catalan Small, landlocked micronation in Spain Canon 2,340
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) Austro-Hungarian Empire Vienna German, Hungarian, Russian, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Serbian, Italian Canon 41,900,000
Flag of Denmark Denmark Copenhagen Danish Canon 1,010,000
Finland Helsinki Finnish, Swedish Canon 1,823,000
Flag of France France Paris French Canon 37,853,000
Flag of the German Empire German Empire Berlin German Recently created nation. Powerful industry. Canon 41,350,790
Kingdom of Greece Flag Greece Athens Greek Canon 2,143,000
Flag of Italy (1861-1946) crowned Italy Rome Italian Canon 24,816,191
Flag of Liechtenstein (1852-1921) Liechtenstein Vaduz German Tiny, landlocked micronation in Germany Canon 34,000
Monaco Monaco French City state bordering France and the Mediterranean Sea Canon 19,000
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands Amsterdam Dutch Canon 1,800,000
Flag of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire Istanbul Ottoman Turkish Canon 33,450,000
Flag of Norway Norway Oslo Norwegian Canon 1,710,000
Flag Portugal (1830) Portugal Lisbon Portuguese Canon 4,690,000
Flag of Russia Russian Empire St. Petersburg Russian Canon 57,400,000
Flag of San Marino San Marino Dogana Italian Tiny, landlocked nation in Italy Canon 6,300
Flag of Spain (1785-1873 and 1875-1931) Spain Madrid Spanish Undergoing a period of unrest at the moment Canon 9,870,000
Swedish and Norwegian merchant flag 1818-1844 Sweden Stockholm Swedish Canon 3,200,000
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Bern Swiss Canon 56,902,000
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom London English Undergoing Victorian Era. Birthplace of the Clockwork Age Canon 31,478,870


Nation Capital Language(s) Notes Article Status Population
Flag of France Algeria Algiers Arabic, French French colony Canon 2,748,000
Flag of Portugal Angola Luanda Portuguese Portuguese colony Canon 980,000
Flag of Ashanti Ashanti Empire Kumasi Ashante Canon 3,000,000
Aussa Sultanate Aussa Arabic Canon 312,000
Benin Empire Benin City Edo Canon 400,000
Flag of the United Kingdom Cape Province Cape Town English British Colony Canon 780,000
Dahomey Abomey Fon Canon 540,000
Ethiopia Flag Ethiopian Empire Addis Ababa Amharic Canon 3,400,000
Flag of the Gold Coast Gold Coast Cape Coast English British colony Canon 524,000
Flag of Muhammad Ali Khedivate of Egypt Cairo Ottoman Turkish, Coptic, Egyptian Arabic, English Tributary state of the Ottomans Canon 6,500,000
Flag of Liberia Liberia Monrovia English Canon 411,000
Flag of Morocco 1666 1915 Morocco Rabat Arabic, Berber Canon 4,800,000
Flag of Portugal Mozambique Lourenço Marques Portuguese Portuguese Colony Canon 920,000
BlueEnsignNatal Natal Pietermaritzburg Afrikaans, English, Zulu British Colony Canon 780,000
Flag of the Orange Free State Orange Free State Bloemfontein Dutch, English, Sesotho, Zulu Canon 1,023,000
Flag of France Senegal Dakar French French colony Canon 500,000
Flag of Transvaal Transvaal Pretoria Dutch, Afrikaans, English, Tswana, Zulu British Colony Canon 700,000


Nation Capital Language(s) Notes Article Status Population
Flag of Colonial Annam Annam Hué French, Vietnamese French Colony Canon 127,200
Flag of the Alaungpaya Dynasty of Myanmar Burma Mandalay Burmese Canon 4,000,000
Flag of the Qing dynasty (1889-1912) China Beijing Chinese, Manchu, Mongolian, Tibetan, Turki Canon 450,000,000
Emirate of Afghanistan Kabul Pashto, Persian Canon 3,000,000
Flag of the Emirate of Bukhara Emirate of Bukhara Bukhara Persian, Uzbek Canon 4,000,000
British Raj Red Ensign India Calcutta English, Hindustani British Colony Canon 145,000
Flag of Japan Empire of Japan Tokyo Japanese Canon 38,000,000
Flag of the king of Joseon Korea Hanseong Korean Joseon Dynasty Canon 24,000,000
Malaya Singapore English Series of British Colonies Canon 935,000
Nepal Kathmandu Nepali Canon 920,000
Flag of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire Istanbul Ottoman Turkish Canon 33,450,000
Flag of Persia (1910-1925) Persia Tehran Turkic, Persian Canon 24,000,000
Flag of Russia Russian Empire St Petersburg Russian Canon 57,400,000
Flag of Thailand 1855 Siam Bangkok Siamese Canon 12,000,000