These are the nations that existed after Rome peacefully split and colonized the world. This is only a list if you want details on the countries that exist go to Facts on Nations (Early Exploration)



Dead Countries

Unions between countries

World wide unions

The connected world organization was founded by the Mayans to unify the world. When the countries started to form republics it fell apart. It now only contains Byzantium, Inca, Londonium, East Slavia, Nova Roma, Yemen, Sumer, and Khmer. It meets anually to discuss events happening in the imperial world. It meets in Constantinople and It is headed by Byzantium.

The Republic world league is made up of Republic countries. Most countries are part of this league. They meet anually in either Nipon or Rome. The organisation is headed by Japan and Rome.

United World is similar to the United nations in our timeline and is headed by the world superpowers of Gallia, New Gael, Rome, Khmer empire, India, and China. These countries meet anually in Riyadh, Arabia.

the Trading Of Goods Organisation otherwise known as T.O.G.O is an organisation that used to allow the countries to set up trading ports along coasts in other countries in order to trade. This has been reformed and now only allows trading between countries and setting up businesses.

European organisations

The Latin League is a group in Europe that is compromised only of countries that were formerly part of Greater Rome. Countries in Scandinavia and Germanic territories. It is currently lead by Gallia, but was previously lead by Hispana and before that was lead by Rome. Even though Moorocco is in territory that was formerly Roman it chooses not to participate. Egypt does participate.

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