List of nations, colonies and territories of Cromwell the Great

Sovereign states


  • Flag of the Commonwealth (1658-1660) Commonwealth of England
  • Grand Royal Coat of Arms of France & Navarre Kingdom of France
  • Flag of Cross of Burgundy Kingdom of Spain
  • Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor with haloes (1400-1806) Holy Roman Empire
    • Banner of the Electorate of Mainz Electorate of Mainz
    • Flag of England Electorate of Trier
    • Black St George's Cross Electorate of Cologne
    • Flag of Bohemia Kingdom of Bohemia
    • Flag of The Electoral Palatinate (1604) County Palatine of the Rhine
    • Flag of Electoral Saxony Electorate of Saxony
    • Wappen Mark Brandenburg Margraviate of Brandenburg
    • Electoral Standard of Bavaria (1623-1806) Electorate of Bavaria
    • Grand Duchy of Flanders (CtG) Grand-Duchy of Flanders (Established 1715)
    • Flag of Hanover (1692) Electorate of Hanover (Formally Electorate of Brunswick-Lüneburg. Established in 1692 and formally approved in 1708).
  • Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Territories of the Habsburg Monarchy
  • Flag of Ducal Prussia Duchy of Prussia (...-1701) - Civil flag of Prussia 1701-1935 Kingdom of Prussia (1701-...)
  • Chorągiew królewska króla Zygmunta III Wazy Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
  • Statenvlag Dutch Republic
  • States of Italy
    • No flag Kingdom of Sardinia
    • Savoie flag Duchy of Savoy
    • Flag of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany (1562-1737) Grand Duchy of Tuscany
    • Flag of Most Serene Republic of Venice Most Serene Republic of Venice
    • Flag of Lucca Republic of Lucca
    • Mantua Flag 1575-1707 (new) Duchy of Mantua
    • Flag of the Duchy of Milan (1450) Duchy of Milan
    • Flag of the Papal States (pre 1808) Papal States
    • Flag of Genoa Most Serene Republic of Genoa
  • Flag of Sweden (3-2) Kingdom of Sweden
  • Flag of Denmark (3-2) Kingdom of Denmark and Norway
  • Flag of Oryol (variant) Tsardom of Russia
  • Flag Portugal (1495) Kingdom of Portugal
  • Flag of Switzerland Swiss Confederacy
  • No flag Ottoman Empire
  • Republic of Ragusa Flag Republic of Ragusa

Central Asia

  • Safavid Flag Persian Empire (Safavid dynasty)
  • Khanate of Bukhara
  • Khanate of Khiva
  • Yarkent Khanate
  • Kazakh Khanate
  • Khanate of Kokand

India (South Asia)

  • Flag of the Mughal Empire Mughal Empire
  • Flag of Mysore Kingdom of Mysore (French suzerain after Carnatic Wars)
  • Asafia flag of Hyderabad State State of Hyderabad (French suzerainty after Carnatic Wars)
  • Flag of Kingdom of Travancore Kingdom of Travancore (French protectorate after Carnatic Wars)
  • Kingdom of Coorg (French protectorate after Carnatic Wars)
  • Flag of the Maratha Empire Maratha Empire or the Maratha Confederacy
  • Flag of Awadh Oudh State or Kingdom of Oudh (British protectorate)
  • Sikh Confederacy (Sikh Misl) / Sikh Empire flag Sikh Empire
  • Kalhora dynasty (Sindh) Semi-autonomous domain of Mughal Empire
  • Bharatpur State
  • Rampur State
  • Jaipur State (British Protectorate)
  • Jodhpur State
  • Mewar State
  • Udaipur State
  • Bikaner State
  • Baroda flag Baroda State (British Protectorate)
  • |Arakkal flag 2 Arakkal kingdom[1] (Dutch Protectorate)
  • |Old State Flag of Maldives Maldives Sultanate (Dutch Protectorate)
  • King of Kandy Kingdom of Kandy (Dutch Protectorate)

Southeast Asia

  • Golden Hintar flag of Burma Konbaung Dynasty
  • Flag of the Alaungpaya Dynasty of Myanmar Hanthawaddy Kingdom / Toungoo Dynasty
  • Mataram Sultanate
  • Banten Sultanate
  • Sultanate of Cirebon
  • Sultanate of Ternate
  • Kingdom of Ayutthaya / Thonburi Kingdom / Rattanakosin Kingdom


  • Imperial standard of the Qing Emperor Great Qing Empire
  • Flag of the Tokugawa Shogunate Japan - Tokugawa shogunate
  • Dzungar Khanate
  • Khoshut Khanate



  • No flag Ethiopian Empire
  • Flag of the Kingdom of Kongo Kingdom of Kongo

Australasia and Oceania

  • Kanaka Maoli flag Kingdom of Hawaii (British protectorate)
  • Flag of the United Kingdom of Fiji 1871-1874 Kingdom of Fiji (British protectorate)
  • Flag of Modern New Zealand (King of America) Aotearoa

Colonies and non sovereign territories


  • Kingdom of Hungary (part of Habsburg Monarchy)
  • Principality of Transylvania (part of Habsburg Monarchy)
  • Spanish Netherlands (part of Spanish Empire)
  • States of Italy
    • Bandiera del Regno di Sicilia 4 Kingdom of Sicily (part of Spanish Empire)

North America

South America

  • Viceroyalty of Peru (Spanish Empire)
  • State of Brazil (Estado do Brasil, Portuguese Empire)
  • State of Maranhão (Estado do Maranhão, Portuguese Empire)
  • Berbice - (incorporated to Dutch Guiana)
  • Pomeroon - (incorporated to Dutch Guiana)
  • Essequibo - (incorporated to Dutch Guiana)
  • Suriname - (incorporated to Dutch Guiana)
  • Dutch Brazil (Dutch colony, ceded to Portugal through the Treaty of The Hague in 1661)
  • Dutch Guiana


  • Portuguese West Africa (Portuguese Empire)
  • Dutch Gold Coast or Dutch Guinea
  • Dutch Upper Coast (Bovenkust)
  • Dutch Slave Coast
  • Cape Colony

India (South Asia)

India before the Carnatic Wars

  • Dutch Republic
  • Portugal
    • Goa, Daman (also enclaves of Dadra and Nagar Haveli) and Diu.
  • British Commonwealth
    • Bombay
    • Calcutta
    • Madras
  • France
    • Chandernagore (1673)
    • Pondichéry (1674)
    • Yanam (1723)
    • Mahe (1725)
    • Karikal (1739)
  • Denmark–Norway
    • Tranquebar (or Trankebar)
    • Frederiksnagore (or Serampore)
  • Grand-Duchy of Flanders
    • Cabelon (modern-day Covelong) on the Coromandel Coast
    • Banquibazar (Ichapore) in Bengal
    • Nicobar Islands

India after the Carnatic Wars[2].

  • Dutch Republic
    • Malabar (Governorate)
    • Ceylon (Governorate)
    • Coromandel (Governorate)
    • Suratte and Ahmedabad (Directorate)
  • Portugal
    • Goa, Daman (also enclaves of Dadra and Nagar Haveli) and Diu.
  • British Commonwealth
    • Bengal Presidency (capital Calcutta)
    • Bombay Presidency
    • Mandras Presidency
  • France
    • Carnatic Coast (capital Pondichéry)
    • Malabar-Kerala Territory (Capital Mahe)
    • Northern Circars (Capital Yanaon)
  • Denmark–Norway
    • Tranquebar (or Trankebar)
    • Frederiksnagore (or Serampore)
  • Grand-Duchy of Flanders
    • Cabelon (modern-day Covelong) on the Coromandel Coast
    • Banquibazar (Ichapore) in Bengal
    • Nicobar Islands

Southeastern Asia

  • Dutch East Indies (Batavia)
  • Dutch City and Fort of Malacca
  • Governorate of Ambon (Dutch)
  • Dutch Fort Rotterdam / Makassar
  • Governorate of the Banda Islands (Dutch)
  • Dutch Burma (Myohaung and several depots)
  • Spanish East Indies (Spanish Empire)

Eastern Asia

  • Captaincy General of the Philippines (Spanish Empire)
  • Dutch Formosa (1624-1662, 1668-...)
  • Dejima,in Japan
  • Fort Keelung in Formosa (1664-1668)

Australasia and Oceania

  • Spanish East Indies (Spanish Empire)
  • Dutch New Holland -> West-Australië
  • Van Diemen's Land (Dutch) ->Tasmania (British)
  • Dutch Carpentaria
  • Dutch Arnhemland
  • New South Wales (British)
  • Cookland (British)
  • Aotearoa (British-France-Dutch)
  • Cygnes (France)
  • Nouvelle Brabant (Dutch->France)

  1. Kingdom of Cannanore, Sultanate of Laccadive and Cannanore
  2. According to the Clive-Dupleix Agreement (France and Britain) of 1761

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