North & Central America

Settled by Europeans from Iceland, Norway, England, and France, as well as Asians from China, Japan and Russia, the North American continent saw several centuries of expansion coupled with meetings with (and often conflicts with) the native people. It wasn't until the late 19th century (or later) that the national borders became officially settled. And while not all of the conflicts are 100 percent resolved, the area is, overall, both peaceful and productive.

Nation Capital Government OTL equivalent
Alyeska Novy Petrograd Constitutional Monarchy Alaska (minus the panhandle) and far eastern Siberia
Canada Regina Parliamentary Republic Western Half of Ontario, Canadian plains and far west, Alaskan Panhandle
Dinétah Tségháhoodzání Republic US Southwest
Dongguo Huángdì Wā Constitutional Monarchy California and Nevada
Greenland Nuuk Parliamentary Republic Greenland and Baffin Island
Lakotah Pȟahíŋ Piŋté Matriarachy US Plains States
Louisiana Roiville Parliamentary Republic Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas
Markland Hafnar Leif Parliamentary Republic Quebec north of the St. Lawrence, Labrador, and the Eastern Half of Ontario
Mexique Louisville Parliamentary Republic Northern and Central Mexico (minus Baja California)
Nunavut Kangiqliniq Councillary Republic Canadian Northwest Territories and Yukon
Panama Ciudad Panama Unitary Republic Panama
Shinihon Anzena Minato Constitutional Monarachy Washington State, Oregon, part of British Columbia
Tikal Chichen Itza Federation Southern Mexico, plus Central America excluding Panama
United States of America Washington DC Democratic Republic USA west to the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, Plus the Canadian Maritimes, Quebec south of the St. Lawrence, the Bahamas, and Cuba
Vinland Grænhöfn Parliamentary Republic Newfoundland

South America & Caribbean

Settlers from Spain and Portugal came into contact (and conflict) with each other, as well as the powerful Inca Empire in the mountains and jungles of South America. Things were more peaceful in the Caribbean islands (save for the predations of pirates). While the area is at peace now, parts of it remain some of the poorest places in the western hemisphere.

Nation Capital Government OTL equivalent
Argentina Buenos Aires Federal Republic Argentina and southern half of Chile
Boriken Saint George Parliamentary Dependency Puerto Rico
Brasil Brasilia Federal Republic Brazil south of the Amazon River and north of the Rio Paranapanema
Dansk Vestinitien Charlotte Amalie Constitutional Monarchy UK and US Virgin Islands plus Culebra
East Caribbean Federation Castries Federation Caribbean Islands from Anguilla south to Trinidad
Guiana Såo Paolo Federal Republic Brazil north of the Amazon plus Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and the eastern third of Venezuela
Haiti Georgetown Constitutional Monarchy Hispañola
Jamaïque Bougainville Republic Jamaica
Tawantinsuyu Cusco Monarchy Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Northern Chile
Uruguay Puerto Alegre Parliamentary Republic Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil north to the Rio Paranapanema
Venezuela Caracas Republic Venezuela and Colombia


The cradle of "Western Civilization". Centuries of international disputes and all-out wars have mostly resolved themselves, and the continent is enjoying a level of prosperity it hasn't experienced since the days of ancient Rome. Not all is calm however: An iron curtain splits the continent between east and west. NATO and the Warsaw Pact nations glower at each other, whilst feigning peaceful co-existence.

Nation Capital Government OTL equivalent
Albania Tirana Republic Albania
Andorra Andorra la Vella Parliamentary Diarchy Andorra
Baltic Republic Riga Republic Latvia and Estonia
Bavaria Munich Democratic Republic Austria, plus German Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg
Belarus None None Divided between Poland and Ukraine
Belgium None None Divided between France and the Netherlands
Bulgaria Sofia Marxist-Leninist State Bulgaria
Czechoslovakia Prague Republic Czech Republic and Slovakia
Denmark Copenhagen Constitutional Monarchy Denmark, but not Greenland
Finland Helsinki Constitutional Republic Finland plus Russian Karelia and Murmansk
France Paris Republic France plus Eastern Belgium, minus Corsica
Germany Berlin Constitutional Republic Germany minus Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg
Greece Athens Republic Greece plus Cyprus
Hungary Budapest Marxist-Leninist State Hungary
Iceland Reykjavik Republic Iceland
Ireland Dublin Republic Ireland
Italy Rome Limited Monarchy Italy plus Corsica
Liechtenstein Vaduz Constitutional Monarchy Liechtenstein
Lithuania Vilnius Republic Lithuania plus Russian Kalingrad
Luxembourg Luxembourg Constitutional Monarchy Luxembourg
Malta Valletta Parliamentary Republic Malta
Netherlands Amsterdam Constitutional Monarchy Netherlands plus Western Belgium
Norway Oslo Constitutional Monarchy Norway
Poland Warsaw "Lite" Marxist Republic Poland plus Western Belarus
Portugal Lisbon Parliamentary Republic Portugal
Romania Bucharest Marxist-Leninist State Romania plus Moldova
San Marino San Marino Constitutional Republic San Marino
Spain Madrid Constitutional Monarchy Spain
Sweden Stockholm Constitutional Monarchy Sweden
Switzerland Bern Federal Republic Switzerland
Turkey Ankara Republic Turkey and Western Syria
Ukraine Kiev Marxist-Leninist State Western Ukraine plus Eastern Belarus
United Kingdom London Constitutional Monarchy United Kingdom
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Moscow Marxist Leninist State USSR plus part of Manchuria minus Belarus, eastern Ukraine, Karelia, Murmansk, Baltic Republics, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikstan and far eastern Siberia
Vatican City Vatican City Absolute Monarchy Vatican City
Yugoslavia Belgrade Titoist Republic Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Serbia

Middle East & North Africa

Nation Capital Government OTL equivalent
Algeria Algiers Republic Algeria and Tunisia
Bahrain Manama Constitutional Monarchy Bahrain
Egypt Cairo Republic Egypt minus the Sinai
Israel Tel Aviv Parliamentary Republic Israel plus Gaza, Sinai and Lebanon. Does not include the West Bank or Jerusalem
Jerusalem Jerusalem Triarchic Free-City Jerusalem (East and West)
Jordan Amman Constitutional Monarchy Jordan plus the West Bank, and the southern third of Syria
Kurdistan Mosul Parliamentary Republic Eastern Third of Syria, and the Northern Half of Iraq
Kuwait Kuwait Constitutional Monarchy Kuwait plus the Southern Half of Iraq
Libya Tripoli Marxist Republic Libya
Morocco Rabat Constitutional Monarchy Morocco
Oman Muscat Absolute Monarchy Oman
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Absolute Monarchy Saudi Arabia plus southwestern Iraq
Suez Canal Zone None UN Protectorate Suez Canal and 5 miles on either side
Persia Tehran Monarchy Iran Minus the Northwestern most Territory
Qatar Doha Absolute Monarchy Qatar
Turkey Ankara Republic Turkey and Western Syria
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Monarchic Federation
Yemen Sanna'a Parliamentary Republic Yemen


Nation Capital Government OTL equivalent
Angola Lubango Republic Angola
Chad N'Djamena Dominant Party Presidential Republic Chad plus Darfur region of Sudan
Congo Libreville Presidential Republic Congo plus Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, most of Cameroon and western half of Central African Republic
Eritrea Asmara Single Party Presidential Republic Eritrea plus Djibouti
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Federal Parliamentary Republic Ethiopia plus the northern two thirds of Somalia
Ghana Accra Republic Ghana plus Benin, Togo, and Burkina Faso
Guinea Conakry Republic Guinea minus its eastern third, plus Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissau
Kenya Nairobi Republic Kenya plus Uganda, Rwanda and the southern third of Somalia
Lesotho Maseru Constitutional Monarchy Lesotho
Liberia Monrovia Republic Liberia plus Cote D’Ivoire and the eastern third of Guinea
Madagascar Antananarivo Semi-Presidential Republic Madagascar
Mali Bamako Semi-Presidential Republic Mali plus Senegal and Gambia
Mauritania Nouakchot Semi-Presidential Republic Mauritania plus Western Sahara
Mozambique Maputo Republic Mozambique plus Malawi and the Comoros Islands
Niger Niamey Semi-Presidential Republic Niger
Nigeria Lagos Republic Nigeria plus the northern section of Cameroon
Sudan Khartoum Dominant Party Presidential Republic Sudan minus the Darfur region
Swaziland Lobamba Absolute Monarchy Swaziland
Tanzania Dodoma Republic Tanaznia plus Burundi
Union of South Africa Johannesburg Parliamentary Republic South Africa plus Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe
Zaire Kinshasa Military Dictatorship formerly Democratic Republic of the Congo (minus southernmost quarter), plus the eastern half of Central African Republic
Zambia Lusaka Republic Tanaznia plus Burundi


Nation Capital Government OTL equivalent
Afghanistan Kabul Islamic Republic Afghanistan
China Beijing Constitutional Monarchy China plus Taiwan, minus the provinces of Xianjian, Western Qinghai, and most of Manchuria
India New Delhi Parliamentary Republic India plus Bangladesh
Indonesia Djakarta Republic Indonesia plus non-mainland Malaysia
Japan Tokyo Constitutional Monarchy Japan
Korea Seoul Parliamentary Republic Korea, South and South
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Parliamentary Republic Mongolia
Myanmar Naypyidaw Parliamentary Republic Myanmar
Pakistan Islamabad Parliamentary Republic Pakistan
People's Republic of China Urumqui Socialist Single-Party State Chinese provinces of Xianjian and Western Qingha, plus Kyrgyzstan and Tajikstan
Philippines Manila Republic Philippines
Singapore Singapore Parliamentary Republic Singapore
Sri Lanka Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte Semi-Presidential Republic Sri Lanka
Thailand Bangkok Constitutional Monarchy under Military Junta Thailand plus mainland Malaysia
Tibet Lhasa Constitutional Theocratic Monarchy Tibet plus Nepal and Bhutan
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Moscow Marxist Leninist State USSR plus part of Manchuria, minus Belarus, Most of Ukraine, Karelia, Murmansk, Baltic Republics Kyrgyzstan and Tajikstan
Vietnam Hanoi Socialist Single-Party State Vietnam plus Laos and Cambodia

Australia & Pacific

Nation Capital Government OTL equivalent
Australia Canberra Constitutional Monarchy Australia
Federated States of Micronesia Palikir Parliamentary Republic Micronesia plus Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and Wake Island
Fiji Suva Parliamentary Republic Fiji plus the Solomon Islands and Tonga
Hawai'i Honolulu Constitutional Monarchy Hawaiian Islands plus Midway Atoll
New Zealand Wellington Constitutional Monarchy New Zealand
Papua Port Moresby Constitutional Monarchy All of New Guinea
Samoa Apia Parliamentary Republic Samoa plus American Samoa and French Polynesia

Multi-National Organizations

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