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East Asia

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Flag of a thing China Constitutional monarchy Jinan
Flag of dali cg Dali Constitutional monarchy Dali City
Flag of formosa ba Formosa Presidential republic Formosa
Flag of manchuria cg Manchuria Constitutional monarchy Urat
Flag of mohe cg Moheland Constitutional monarchy Mohshe
Flag of goguryeo cg Goguryeo Constitutional monarchy Pyongyang
Flag of mongolia cg Mongolia Parliamentary republic Shangjing
Flag of South Korea Korea Constitutional monarchy Seoul
Flag of Japan Japan Constitutional monarchy Tokyo

North Asia

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Flag of novgorod cgg Novgorod Presidential republic Novgorod
Flag of uyghurstan cg Uyghur Republic Constitutional republic Ordu-Baliq
Chukchi flag Chukchi Absolute monarchy Portovgorod

West Asia

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Bagratuni flag Armenia Constitutional monarchy Ari
Flag of Georgia Georgia Constitutional monarchy Tbilisi

Central Asia

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Tibetan snow leopard Tibet Elective absolute monarchy Lhasa
Flag of Bhutan Bhutan Absolute monarchy Thimphu

Middle East

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Flag of Turkey Ottoman Confederation Constitutional republic Constantinople
Flag of Yemen Yemen Constitutional republic Sanaa
Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Absolute monarchy Riyadh
Flag of Afghanistan (1919–1921) Afghanistan Constitutional monarchy Kabul
Flag of Pakistan Pakistan Parliamentary republic Islamabad
Jammu-Kashmir-flag Kashmir Parliamentary republic Jammu
Flag of Iran before 1979 Revolution Persia Constitutional monarchy Isfahan
Sarabia flag cg South Arabia Presidential republic Aden
Flag of Cyrenaica Abbasid Absolute monarchy Basra
Flag of bagdhad cg Baghdad Constitutional monarchy Baghdad
Flag of jerusalem cg Jerusalem Presidential republic Jerusalem
Flag of mecca ba Mecca Absolute monarchy Jerusalem

South Asia

Flag Nation Government system Capital
Flag of India India Constitutional republic New Delhi
Flag of Thailand 1855 Siam Constitutional monarchy Bangkok
Flag of Cambodia Khmer Presidential republic Phnom Penh
Flag of Burma (1948-1974) Burma Presidential republic Rangoon

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