This is a list of all nations that exist in the Battle For Earth: Prime timeline. There are two categories of nations: Human Nations and Extraterrestrial Nations.

Extraterrestrial Nations

Major Powers

These five nations are the major powers of the Intragalactic community at the start of this timeline.

Flag/Emblem Nation Capital Government Alignment
Regen Flag Regenetech Empire  Termengen, Deregen Constitutional Confederate Monarchy Grand Alliance
Dravimosian Imperial Seal Dravimosian Empire  Kyerisai Station, Krysalis Federal Constitutional Elective Monarchy Grand Alliance
TerranEmpire The Firstborn Byam, Zerus Prime Monarchy Pact of Stars
Azarath Flag Azaranian Empire Zhetiol, Mirtyosalay Imperial Confederacy Grand Alliance
MechFlag Mech Network The Hub, Installation 1 Consensual Electronic Network Grand Compact

Lesser Powers

These nations are lesser powers in the Galaxy, but still carry some influence.

Flag/Emblem Nation Capital Government Alignment
Sysvianic Guild of Sysvianic Merchants Vanys, Sysvian Mercantile Confederation Unaligned
Ariax Ariax Empire Traii (Mother ship) Technology-based Dictatorship Grand Coalition
Meridian flag Meridian Consul Xerstalinus Unitary Parliamentary constitutional federal monarchy-based, feudal meritocracy Grand Coalition
Polaris flag Federation of the Polaris System Polaris 1 Federation Democracy Unaligned
No flag Ryvyvieschovskc Unaligned
Praetorian Flag Praetorians Praetorria Selective Democracy Grand Compact
No flag Quadriparte Interstellar Federation Unaligned
Flag of Gemini Gemini Federation

Union of Gemini and Solaris, Grand Compact

Flag of Solaris Solarian Empire

Union of Gemini and Solaris, Grand Compact

VenusianFlag Soram State Pact of Stars
50px Hanzen Empire Pact of Stars
CorstantianFlag Corstantian Republic Pact of Stars
DriscoanFlag Driscoan Republic Pact of Stars
No flag Razelhayer Federation Regenetech Empire
No flag Siluris Compact Plutocracy Unaligned
Caborr Flag Caborr State Kabor-Rus, Ka Federal Constitutional Republic

Dravimosian Empire

No flag Kingdom of Salaamberia Unaligned
No flag Skaven State Unaligned
Mantelar Alliance Flag Mantelar Alliance Unaligned
Flag of Praedonia Praedonia Unaligned
Rasheen Kingdom Flag Rasheen Kingdom Grand Coalition
BFE draft3 Iocinian Kingdom Grand Coalition
Centriflag Cyclarchy of Centria Corufrey Cyclarchy (Telepathic elected Monarchy) Grand Compact
BFE Draft4 Xlax Imperium Grand Coalition
Flag Jaledom of the Universe (BFESB) Jaledom of the Universe Grand Coalition
Flag draft BFE Promethean Empire Prometheus Fascist Dictatorship/Imperial Monarchy Pact of Stars
Orc draft Orc Empire Imperial Monarchy under Revolutionary control. Grand Coalition
Polaran Flag Polaran Nomads None Tribal Structure Technocracy Unaligned

Human Nations

At the start of this timeline Humanity is still divided into many different states that are constantly warring with each other. While it is possible that they may one day unite and carve out an interstellar empire of their own, this is not the present situation.

Major Powers

Flag Nation Capital Government
Flag of the Soviet Union (1955-1980) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Moscow Marxist–Leninist Single-Party State
Flag of the United States United States of America Washington Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
Flag of the Republic of China South China Nanjing Unitary Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland London Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Flag of France French Republic Paris Unitary Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic
Flag of India Republic of India New Delhi Federal Parliamentary

Constitutional Republic

Flag of Brazil United States of Brazil Brasilia Two-Party Republic under Military Dictatorship
Flag of South Africa 1928-1994 Republic of South Africa


  • Cape Town
  • Pretoria
  • Bloemfontein
  • Pietermaritzburg
Constitutional Parliamentary Republic

Minor Nations (Add as you wish)

Flag Nation Capital Government
Flag of Canada Canada Ottawa Federal parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy
Flag of Mexico Mexico Mexico City Federal presidential constitutional republic
Flag of Vietnam North Vietnam Hanoi Single-party communist state
Flag of South Vietnam South Vietnam Saigon Presidential republic
Flag of Japan Japan Tokyo Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Flag of Australia Australia Canberra Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Flag of Germany West Germany Bonn Federal parliamentary republic
Flag of East Germany East Germany Berlin Marxist–Leninist State
Flag of South Korea Korea Seoul Unitary presidential constitutional republic
Flag of Algeria Algeria Algiers Unitary Semi-presidential republic
Flag of Israel Israel Jerusalem Unitary parliamentary republic
Flag of Egypt Egypt Cairo Unitary Semi-presidential republic
Flag of Argentina Argentina Buenos Aires Federal presidential constitutional republic
State Flag of Iran (1964-1980) Iran Tehran Constitutional Monarchy
Flag of Denmark Denmark Copenhagen Unitary parliamentary Constitutional monarchy
Flag of Laos North Laos Vientiane Single party Communist state
Flag of Laos (1952-1975) South Laos Savannakhet
Proposal 2 for the PRC flag North China Beijing
Morning Star flag West Papua Jayapura
Flag of Tibet Tibet Lhasa Buddhist Theocracy
Flag of Sikkim monarchy Sikkim Gangtok Absolute Monarchy

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