This page focuses on the nations in the TL Balance Point. Okay, I would like to give out some assignments:

Chicagoan- North and South America

Michael Douglas- Africa

PitaKang- Americas and Africa (any filling in that's needed) and map-maker (when I can't).

Roguejedi (me)- Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Overseerer

Present Day Nations

Because this world is Asia-based, we will use the name Zhōngguó for China, Bhārat for India, Nippon-koku for Japan.



North America

Independent Nations

Mixeteques- One of the few states that took over the Aztec Empire that did not become a tributary state to China, India, Malacca, or Japan

Yopitzinco- Tributary state to India.

Siddharthia- Named after the Buddha, was an Indian colony.

Zapoteques- Tributary state of China

Tu Di Tlacalteques- A country that took the capitals of the triple alliance of Aztecs. Was taken over by the Chinese in a war when the Tlacalteques went against the Chinese colonists instead of turning into a tributary state.

Dependent Nations

  • Americana Di- American colonial land of the Incas. Still under the Incan control.

South America

Independent Nations

Dependent Nations

Oceania & Australia


Independent Nations

Dahomey- An important merchant state, historical center of the slave trade. One of the few African nations to avoid becoming a tributory state.

Borgu- Dahomese tributory state, serves as a buffer between Dahomey and Edo.

Edo- Former ally of Dahomey, now a major economic rival and Chinese ally.

Ethiopia- A former tribute state to China. Contests Sudan with the Chinese, leading to the collapse of Chinese Sudan in 1912.

Sudan- A former tribute state of China. Sudan was conquered from Ethiopia by the Chinese, and was important to the slave trade. Revolution and civil war led to this countries collapse in 1912. Coastal Sudan became Chinese territory, with the rest consisting of anarchy and Ethiopian puppet states.

Dependent Nations


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