The nations of A Deal with Death

World Map

The map of the world on January 1st, 1913, before the outbreak of the First Great War.

A Deal of Death Map Pre World War 1


Flag Name Government Type Current Head of State Current Head of Government Capital Date Founded
Dominion of Canada Flag Dominion of Canada Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Governor General Kyle Watkins Prime Minister Lewis Turnbull Boston
Huron Collective Chiefdoms of Huron Parliamentary Republic Head Chieftain Sissinnguaq Prime Minister Nanuk Shikaakwa
Chickasaw Collective Chiefdoms of Chicksaw Parliamentary Republic Head Chieftain Lalawethika Prime Minister Goyathlay
Cherokee Collective Chiefdoms of Cherokee Parliamentary Republic Head Chieftain Nanuq Prime Minister Kaneonuskatew Guasili
Creek Collective Chiefdoms of Muscogee Parliamentary Republic Head Chieftain Maquinna Prime Minister Wayna Idalwa
Floridaalt Viceroyalty of Carribea Presidential Republic President Wilfredo Vázquez Deputy Vinicio Menendez Havana
Republic of Leotarradi Republic of Leotarradi Full Rresidential Republic President Ottone Albero Vice President Vittorino Tarantino New Venice
Flag of the Republic of the Rio Grande Viceroyalty of Rio Grande Presidential Republic President Saturnino Aberquero Deputy Fidel Delgado San Antonio
SV-AlaskaFlag Tsardom of Alyseka Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Governor General Yura Wasylyk Prime Minister Veniamin Romanov Novo-Arkhangelsk
Japanese California Flag Republic of Upper Marquezia Full presidential republic President Lucilio Bovér Vice President Jacopo Ardizzone San Francisco
South california flag Republic of Lower Marquezia Full presidential republic Presidential Víctor Gonzales Vice President Lalo Machado Los Angeles
Flag of Mexico (1893-1916) Republic of Mechika Full presidential republic President Camilo Hernandez Vice President Edgardo Herrero Mechika City
Flag of the Federal Republic of Central America Federal Republic of Central America Full presidential republic President Inocencio María Vice President Gualterio Bustillo Guatemala City
Flag of Costa Rica Republic of Costa Rica Full presidential republic President Ruperto Salamanca Vice President Donato Amador San Jose


Flag Name Government Type Current Head of State Current Head of Government Capital Date Founded
Flag of the Republic of Avalon Avalonian Federation Full presidential republic President Ricki Platt Vice President Barrie Cowden Penrith
Patagonian flag rdna verse by mdc01957-d30kt9j Dominion of Patagonia Constitutional parliamentary republic Governor Dyson Quincey Prime Minister Malcom Honeycutt Shoreham
Flag of the Republic of Dreesenland Republic of Dreesenland Full presidential republic President Bernhard Alferink Vice President Levi Raske Eibergen
Alt flag of portugal by captainvoda-d4cg6ta Novo Lusitania Constitutional parliamentary monarchy King Hermínio III Prime Minister Hélder Simões Justes


Flag Name Government Type Current Head of State Current Head of Government Capital Date Founded
Bandera de Iberia Iberian Empire Parliamentary constitutional republic King Alfonso XIII Prime Minister Tito Victore Madrid
Bandiera del Regno di Sicilia 4 Kingdom of Aragon-Sicily Constitutional monarchy King Ferdinand V Prime Minister Efisio Sacco Naples
Flag of France Republic of France Democratic parliamentary republic President Gervais Degarmo Prime Minister Abel Lévêque Paris
Flag of Provence-Alpes-Cote dAzur Republic of Provence Democratic parliamentary republic President Onésime Arthur Vice President Aurèle Jordan Marseilles
Flag of Alsace-Lorraine Republic of Alsace-Lorraine Democratic parliamentary republic President Oskar Sauvageot Prime Minister Guido Buchholz Strasbourg
Alternate british flag by alternateflags-d7dblmj United Kingdom of Greater and Lesser Britain Parliamentary constitutional monarchy King George V Prime Minister Ardal Malloye London
33lf8ea Dutch Union Republican dictatorship Ruler Elect Norbert Lauwers Deputy Valentijn Arntz Amsterdam
Flagscandinavia Scandinavian Union Constitutional monarchy King Gustaf V Prime Minister Torbjørn Ottosson Stockholm
War Ensign of Germany 1903-1918 Second German Reich Constitutional monarchy Kaiser Wilhem II Prime Minister Gerulf Raskoph Berlin
Flag of the Republic of Venice Venetian Republic Oligarchy President Ferdinando Manco Deputy Gavino Morandi Venice
Flag of Austria (state) Kingdom of Austria Constitutional monarchy King Franz Ferdinand I Prime Minister Urban Mas Vienna
Flag of Hungary-Serbia Kingdom of Hungary-Serbia Constitutional monarchy King Francis Joseph I Prime Minister Gellért Czinege Belgrade
Flag of Croatia Kingdom of Croatia Constitutional monarchy King Franz Joseph I Prime Minister Stojan Tomčić Zagreb
Flag of Bulgaria (3-2) Kingdom of Bulgaria Constitutional monarchy King Ferdinand I Prime Minister Petar Iliev Sofia
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Kingdom of Bosnia Constitutional monarchy King Tvrtko IX Prime Minister Ibro Sejad Sarajevo
Macedonian emlbem Kingdom of Macedonia Absolute monarchy King Zhivko V same as head of state Skopje
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina (New Union) Kingdom of Herzegovina Absolute monarchy King Dzvonimir VIII same as head of state Mostar
Flag of Romania Kingdom of Romania Constitutional monarchy King Carol I Prime Minister Teodor Funar Bucharest
Alex K Kingdom of Poland-flag Kingdom of Poland Constitutional monarchy King Augustus V Prime Minister Benedykt Górski Warsaw
Flag of Russia (No Napoleon) Muscovian Empire Constitutional monarchy Tsar Nicholas II Prime Minister Vitya Markovic Moscow
Alt byzantine flag by fenn o manic-d3gmllo Byzantine Empire Constitutional monarchy Emperor Manuel VIII Prime Minister Iosif Michelakis Constantinople


Flag Name Government Type Current Head of State Current Head of Government Capital Date Founded
Flag of Ethiopia (1897-1936; 1941-1974) Kingdom of Aethiop Constitutional monarchy King Iyasu V Prime Minister Safi Zaman Addis Ababa
Flag of Morocco Dominion of Almohad Parliamentary constitutional monarchy Governor Giacinto Caito Deputy Loreto Rojas Anfa
Christian Egypt2 Kingdom of Iteru Absolute monarchy King Abbas Helmi II same as the head of state Khartoum
Flag of South Africa (Their British America) Dominion of Sudáfrica Parliamentary constitutional republic Governor Jenaro Torres Prime Minister Aureliano María Leodad


Flag Name Government Type Current Head of State Current Head of Government Capital Date Founded
Kingdom of Jerusalem Kingdom of Jerusalem Divine monarchy Prester Eli Jäger IV Patriarch Ari Pensak Jerusalem
Arabia Caliphate of Arabia Constitutional monarchy Sultan Mehmed V same as head of state Riyadh
Flag of Babylon Sultanate of Babylon Constitutional monarchy Sultan Karim III same as head of sate Baghdad
Flag of Armenia Kingdom of Armenia Absolute monarchy King Garen Bedrosian same as head of state Yerevan
Flag of Azerbaijan 1918 Kingdom of South Azerbaijan Absolute monarchy King Baki III same as head of state Rast
Persian Flag Persian Empire Theocratic monarchy Sultan Ahmad Shah Qajar same as head of state Tehran
60px Sultanate of Sindh Absolute Monarchy Sultan Qamar Ajam same as head of state Karachi
Flag of the Mughal Empire Mughal Empire Constitutional Monarchy Shah Sa'd Sultan Prime Minister Nilam Amirmoez Delhi
Flag of New India Dominion of Tamil Constitutional parliamentary republic Governor Iacopo Traverso Prime Minister Sanjeev Vemulakonda Chennai
Flag of the Qing dynasty (1889-1912) Chinese Empire Constitutional Monarchy Emperor Xuantong Prime Minister Jin Chan Peking
Japan China India Flag Japanese Empire Constitutional monarchy Emperor Taishō Prime Minister Hayate Hashimoto Kyoto


Flag Name Government Type Current Head of State Current Head of Government Capital Date Founded
Australian Republican Flag Dominion of New Cardiff Constitutional parliamentary republic Governor Fergal Hywel Prime Minister Eamon Burt Perth
ItalianConfederacyFlag2 Dominion of Okeanós Constitutional parliamentary republic Governor Severo Tino Prime Minister Antonello Sigfrido Eora
Flag of Australia Prop3 (FTBW) Viceroyalty of Australia Constitutional parliamentary republic Governor Márcio Herminio Prime Minister Alex Fabricio Perapertú

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