To create a nation, you must include the following:

  • Flag (300 pixels)
  • Map (300 pixels)
  • Country Name
  • Capital
  • Largest city
  • Other Cities
  • Religion
  • Language
  • Ethnic Groups
  • Regime
  • Literacy Rate
  • Currency
  • Population
  • Economy
  • Military Strength
  • Favorite Sport
  • Anthem
  • Motto
  • A brief, but detailed, history

Turn 1

PA Confederacy
Pol Azt Confed 5
  • Country Name: Polish-Aztlano Confedracy
  • Capital: Warsaw
  • Largest city: Tenochtitlan
  • Other Cities: Wroclaw, Cuatocho, Hong Kong, Mecca, Vienna, Hue
  • Religion: Roman Catholic (40%), Protestant (25%), Orthodox (15%), Islam (10%), Aztlano-Paganism (9%), Other (1%)
  • Language: Polish and Nahuatl (Official), Arabic, Vietnamese, Cantonese
  • Ethnic Groups: Polish (41%), Aztlano (20%), Latvian (4%), Arab (19%), Vietnamese (9%), Chinese (5%)
  • Regime: Collective Participative Absolute Monarchy
  • Literacy Rate: 99%
  • Currency: Złoty
  • Population: 3 000 000 000
  • Economy: Industrial
  • Military Strength: 1 092 658 792
  • Favorite Sport: Football
  • Anthem: Stand as Brothers
  • Motto: United, We Shall Brave the Storm

The Polish-Aztlano Confederacy was formed in 1871, After the merger of The United Aztlano Republics, and the Polish Realm. Following its creation, its sovereignty was tested multiple times, during both the Baltic War and the War of the Gulf. While the government is ruled by an autocrat, the nation organizes itself into parties and councils, which suggest new policies and laws, while the monarch integrates them into his legislation to his greatest extent. Each monarch must also have a vast knowledge of politics, and is required to have routine psychological tests. The population stands at around 2.5 million, and the military is large, which remains highly militarized and primarily serves the nation's own interests.

Flag of New Swabia (Great White South)Fireurchin: Destroyer of worldsRome Shield Topkek m8

  • Country Name: Roman Republic
  • Capital: Rome
  • Largest city: Once again, Rome
  • Other Cities: Venice, Madrid, Naples, Palermo, Trieste, Sparta, Athens, Marseille
  • Religion: Mormon Christian (100%) (Used to be Roman Catholic, but switched to Mormonism when he received revelation from God).
  • Language: Latin
  • Ethnic Groups: Latin (84%), Etruscan (12%), Greek (4%)
  • Regime: Limited monarchy (The power is divided into 3rds, a 3rd to the people to where they can elect leaders in the Senate and sue them if they think a law is too harsh, a 3rd to the Senate to where they can declare war and make laws, and the last 3rd to the emperor to where he is in charge of the army and he can veto the Senate's decision plus he can make executive orders).
  • Literacy Rate: 100%
  • Currency: Drachma
  • Population: 5,00,00,00
  • Economy: Industrial and agricultural
  • Military Strength: 800,00,00
  • Favorite Sport: Gladiatorial games
  • Anthem: Inno Impero Romano
  • Motto: The eagle will rise once more!

The Roman Republic rose from the ashes of its predecessor, the Roman Empire. It prefers to peacefully annex natios, Promising peace and prosperity. However, those who rebel are brutally suppressed, having their people slaughtered or sold into slavery, their holy sites decimated, and their art looted.

Flag of the German Empire
  • Country Name: Union of German States
  • Capital: Sigmarigen
  • Largest City: Munich
  • Other Cities: Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Darmstadt, Worms, Heilbronn
  • Religion: Protestant (65%), Roman Catholic (25%)
  • Union of German States-0
    Language: Various German Dialects
  • Ethnic Groups: German, Turkish, African (various), Hispanic, French, Slavic
  • Regime: Constitutional Monarchy: Hereditary Monarch, Elected Chancellor and Parliament.
  • Literacy Rate: 99%
  • Currency: Goldmark
  • Population: 100,000,000
  • Economy: Industrial and Agricultural
  • Military Strength: 25,000,000
  • Favorite Sport: Football
  • Anthem: Heil dir im Siegerkranz
  • Motto: Suum cuique.

In 1865, Chancellor Otto von Bismarck of Prussia decided he had to declare war against [insert nearby power] in order to convert the German Confederacy which he had created into a full empire. Instead, the Prussians were angered by the fact that Bismarck was willing to sacrifice them as pawns in his machinations, and revolted against him. The revolutionaries made peace with [insert nearby power here], ensuring that Bismarck would never impact history directly. William the First, seeing that with the fall of the Chancellor would come the fall of his kingdom, fled to Hohenzollern holdings which had been added to Prussia in 1850. He was right in his assumption, as without Bismarck, the country quickly spiraled into civil war. He was able to make it, and gained the loyalty of the very German states which Bismarck had sacrificed his kingdom to control. From here William the First created a new kingdom, retaining the flag and motto of the confederation, as well as his ambitions of making sure that the Germans would one day be united under one Germany.

Flag of the Shogunate States of Japan
  • Country Name: The Shogunate States of Japan
  • Capital: Tokyo
  • Largest city: Tokyo
  • Other Cities: Kyoto, Taipei, Osaka, Pyongyang, Beijing, Tenshi, Jakarta
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Language: Japanese
  • Ethnic Groups: Japanese (83%), Korean (5.6%), Chinese (2.4%),
    The Shogunate States of Japan

    may not be completely accurate

    European (9%)
  • Regime: The Bakuhan System
  • Literacy Rate: 100%
  • Currency: Tokugawan Coinage
  • Population: Over 1,100,023,000 (as of recent census)
  • Economy: Industrial, agricultural, technological
  • Military Strength: 2,000,050,000 (mostly consisting of AI units)
  • Favorite Sport: Sumo Wrestling
  • Anthem: Kimigayo
  • Motto: "弱肉強食" "The weak are meat the strong eat."

The Shogunate States of Japan were formed in the late 1500's - early 1600's after the Tokugawa Shogunate felt that the emperors of Japan were too overbearing and that they (the shogunate) were the de facto rulers of Japan. After a short uprising the Shogunate seized complete control over Japan and soon after began invasions of Manchuria, Korea and China. They now are still very isolated but are known for their military power and ability to maintain order within their corner of the world.

  • Country Name: The Great Empire of Zimbabwe
  • Capital: Harare
  • Largest city: Johannesburg
  • Other Cities: Pretoria, Lusaka, Bulawayo
  • Religion: Christianity, Tribal Religions
  • Language: Unified Zimbabwean, English, Tribal Languages
    Zimbabwean Empire
  • Ethnic Groups: Shona and Others
  • Regime: Zimbabwean Nationalist Party (Single-Party, Semi-Fascist system)
  • Literacy Rate: 71%
  • Currency: Zimbabwean Dollar
  • Population: 61,391,000
  • Economy: Crippling and depending on natural resources
  • Military Strength: 3.3 million
  • Favorite Sport: Association Football, Rugby Union, Cricket
  • Anthem: Blessed be the Empire of Zimbabwe
  • Motto: Unity, Freedom, Work

Robert Mugabe, after leading a black revolution in Zimbabwe, continued on by conquering as much land as he could. After increasing the military, he managed to create a coup in Mozambique to unite the two countries. Then, he declared war on Zambia, and conquered a good amount of their land. Fearless, and not using chemical weapons or causing any ethnic massacres, no major power intervened. Mugabe then found himself a natural ally in North Korea, to ensure both that the United States couldn't and wouldn't declare war on either. However, in 2014, South Africa did intervene, declaring war on Zimbabwe, and North Korea threatened an invasion of South Korea unless all non-European countries stayed out of it. Seeing what was coming, Swaziland and Malawi both agreed to join the Zimbabwean Empire, with small deals regarding government funding to those areas. Mugabe planned to use chemical and biological weapon against South Africa, and along with North Korea, reached a deal with ISIS to grant them full recognition and territorial demands in exchange for an alliance. Now ready for a UN attack, Zimbabwe used chemical weapons, missiles, brute force, and fear to capture much of Eastern South Africa. They finally reached a deal with the UN and South Africa to never use chemical weapons again, in exchange for control of Johannesburg and Pretoria. This worked until summer of 2015, when North Korea's tensions with South Korea resulted in a war, and the world was pitted against Zimbabwe, North Korea, and ISIS in a sort of World War III. The war is ongoing.

Flag of the Caribbean
  • Country Name: United Kingdom of the Caribbean
  • Capital: Havana
  • Largest City: Havana
  • Other Cities: Port-au-Prince, Santo Domingo, Kingston, San Juan
  • Religion: Roman Catholic (81%), Protestant (14%), Unstated (4.3%), None (0.7%)
  • Language: Spanish, English, French, and various native languages
  • Ethnic Groups: Cuban, Haitian Creole, Dominican, Jamaican and Puerto Rican
  • Regime: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  • Literacy Rate: 70.8%
  • Currency: Caribbean dollar
  • Population: 38,070,000 (as of 2012)
  • Economy: Agricultural
  • Military Strength: 1,250,000
  • Favorite Sport: Association football
  • Anthem: ¡Viva el Caribe! (Long Live the Caribbean!)
  • Motto: Deus noster præ ómnibus (God is above all)

After almost four centuries of colonial rule, the colonies of Cuba, Santo Domingo and Puerto Rico declared their independence from Iberia in 1801 and won their independence in 1804, 1805 and 1807 respectively. The colonies later all agreed to unite as one nation in 1827 as the United Kingdom of the Caribbean. Haiti and Jamaica later joined the kingdom in 1905. The country has participated in multiple proxy wars with Iberia throughout the years, but nowadays maintain decent relations with the country. CSGBS flag


  • Country name: Commonwealth Socialist Great Britain and Scandinavian states.
  • Capital:Copenhagen
  • Largest city: London
  • Other cities: Stockholm, Glasgow, Cardiff, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Oslo, Reykjavik
  • Religion: The English church, catholic and protestant Christianity
  • Language: Mainly English, but also Scandinavian languages and Russian
  • Ethnic groups: Scandinavian, Nordic, Russian, Anglo-Saxon, Celts, plus other minorities
  • Regime: Socialist Republic
  • Literacy rate: 68.6%
  • Currency: Pound
  • Population:89,580,630
  • Economy:Heavily industrialized
  • Military strength: 20,000,000 (estimate)
  • Favorite sport:Soccer aka football
  • Anthem: "Our Nation"
  • Motto:"We fly our flag with pride, and we proudly hail it as our nation's flag"

In 1937, the government of the UK was overthrown in a coup, and the new government quickly moved to gain the support of the people. It invaded Ireland, mainly because it used to be under British control and the Irish had moved to try and take North Ireland. Then, the new government funded a coup in the Scandinavian, to gain an ally, as they did not have good relations with the USSR. The coups succeeded, and the new government annexed them. It soon occurred that Finland, which retained independence under it's new government, was attacked by the USSR, and the new Commonwealth states of Britain and Scandinavia intervened on the Finnish side, and ended up defeating the soviets, although at heavy cost. The soviet government was overthrown by a pro-CSGBS government, and they maintain friendly relations. Finland was annexed by the CSGBS, and they now are a little isolationist, although they retain a large army just in case.

Flag of gchl

Gambian empire map

  • Country name: People's Republic of The Gambian Catholic Hippie League, Abode of God
  • Capital: Vatican City
  • Largest city: London
  • Other cities: Banjul, Rome
  • Religion: Catholicism
  • Language: Gambian English
  • Ethnic groups: Hippies, Africans
  • Regime: Totalitarian Marxist-Leninist dictatorship
  • Literacy rate: 99%
  • Currency: Gambian Rainbow
  • Population: 3,608,319
  • Economy: Medium-ranked but rapidly industrializing
  • Military strength: 5
  • Favorite sport: Promoting world peace despite making attempts to conquer everything around it
  • Anthem: "Song of the Hippies"
  • Motto:"Peace and love, man!"

Shortly after Gambia's independence, a group of hippies launched a coup d'état against the newly forming Gambian government, creating a hippie state due to Lyndon B. Johnson's supposed persecution of hippies. Every hippie in America moved to the Gambia as it became a hippie state. The nation wants to create a hippie empire, and has plans on annexing Senegal, Mauretania, Mali, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, and currently is occupying the Vatican due to the extremely catholic nature of the inhabitants. They are also a socialist state, and have plans on taking strands of Stalin's hair from his grave and using it to make a clone of him.

  • Country Name: Confederate States of America
  • Capital: Columbus, Georgia
  • Largest city: Houston, Texas
  • Other Cities: Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, Memphis, Charleston
  • Religion: Protestant, Southern Methodist, Baptist
  • Language: English
  • Ethnic Groups: White, African-American
  • Regime: White-Supremacist Democracy
  • Literacy Rate: 86% (97% among white people)
  • Currency: Confederate Dollar
  • Population: 115,000,000
  • Economy: Mainly Rural, but with multiple huge cities
  • Military Strength: 5,000,000 (but up to 12,000,000 in wartime)
  • Favorite Sport: American Football
  • Anthem: "Dixie"
  • Motto: Deo Vindice

After victory at the Battle of Antietam, the Confederacy seemed poised for an invasion of the North. However, they decided to instead secure their land further West, such as Kentucky, Missouri, and the Mississippi River. The Confederacy decided to use guerrilla tactics and outlast the Union. They managed to gain full control of Kentucky, and maintain control of Southern Missouri and the Mississippi River. After a major victory at the giant Battle of Warrenton in early 1864, France and Britain both agreed to recognize the Confederacy. Lincoln now did not have the political support to free the slaves in the South. Furthermore, with the Confederacy recognized, the Union blockade put Britain and France on the brink of war with the US. Lincoln, adamant on continuing to fight until the rebellion was suppressed, lost support, and the 1864 election, to Horatio Seymour and new Vice President Daniel Voorhees. Seymour and Voorhees agree to peace with the Confederacy, and a border. The Confederacy succeeds economically and politically due to cotton trade with Britain and France. In 1934, it elected a Fascist white supremacist, who initiated a genocide of African-Americans. The country technically lost after its old capital, Richmond, was captured by the North, but kept its independence and most of its borders the same, in exchange for Black freedom, citizenship, and voting rights. Segregation and racism still live on in the Confederacy to this day.

Mammothia map

Old map

Mammothia map-0

New map

Mammothia flag

Old flag

Mammothia flag2

New flag

This country is named: The United Neruviks of Mammothia Capital: Tesanavilik

Largest City: Inagoluuq

Other Cities: Wodlanatuk, Nevaligik, Mendaraq

Religions: Nunaism

Language: Inunetagun

Ethnic groups: Iñupiak, Inunetovik, Serevanugik

Regime: Red Kiangduk

Literacy Rate: 88%

Currency: Gwich'in Eagle

Population: 782,392,481

Economy: Inuit-Iñupiak-Modern civilizated

Military Strength: 6,203

Favorite sport: Owlball

Anthem: Wagimik Gawnovioq

Motto: Metallaq Neruvaki Samilooq Nevik

The inuits have their downgrade in levels, some have abolished by the vikings, so the Iñupiaks have to form a new race called the Inunetovik and joined to make a new republic, in honor of Nunavut's domination. So they have to discover Yukon, to make a new race called the Serevanugik, and in 1895 discovered finally the Northwest Territories, and joined modern human race with him. After the peace with the four races, they discovered modern life and decided to be more advanced, but with ice still. The treaty of Mannavutooq gets the touch to expand the Gwich'in tribes to the land. When mining, they discovered a new gem called the Karldrite (Inunetagun: Wetanavik) and claimed it as their official gem. The World War started and some of the military has died, but they won the war, and before the war they expanded to the Ticho, making it the first of the nations to contrive an advanced life. After another conquest, the Taymyr one, they signed a treaty of disambiguation and make that part of the Iñupiak Land.

  • Country Name: The Communazist Republic of West Russia. (T.C.R.W.R.).
  • Capital City: Moscow.
  • Largest City: Moscow.
  • Other Cities: Kiev, Stalingrad, Istanbul, Belgrade, Delhi, Sydney, Wellington, Ontario, Amsterdam, Kinshasa and
    São Paulo.
  • Communazi map
    Religion: Catholicism, Protestantism and Russian Orthodox.
  • Language: Russian.
  • Ethnic Groups: Slavic, Tartar, Native American, Indian, Pakistani, Afghan, Arab, Aboriginal, Congoese, Turkish and Other.
  • Regime: Communazist Party (Semi-Communist and Semi-Nazism.)
  • Literacy Rate: 89%
  • Currency: Ruble.
  • Population: 300,000,000. (Based on Latest Census).
  • Economy: Industrial and Agricultural.
  • Military strength: 70 000 000 (90-120 000 000 in War time).
  • Favorite Sport: Ice Hockey.
  • Anthem: "Unite The Russian Race!"
  • Motto: The Motherland will always stay strong!

Two years after the February Revolution (The October revolution never took place in this timeline.), The soviet union became corrupt and was quickly overthrown by Fascists and Communists, this was known as the Russian Communazi Revolution. The Communazis quickly set up a new government in Moscow and in Other parts of West Russia. After the revolution, the Russian Civil war took place between the Communazis and the Siberians. After years of conflict over the Siberians, whom opposed the concept of Communazism, The Communazist Republic of West Russia signed the treaty of St. Petersburg which split the country in half to cease conflict between the two nations. The Communazist Republic of West Russia then became a global superpower in International affairs.

Flag of the Scandinavian Socialist Union
  • Country name: The Scandinavian Socialist Union (S.S.U.)
  • Capital:Copenhagen
  • Largest city: London
  • Other cities: Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo
  • Religion: The English Church, Catholic and Protestant Christianity
  • Language: Mainly English, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Nynorsk, Bokmål
  • Ethnic groups: Scandinavian, Nordic, Russian, Anglo-Saxon, Celts, plus other minorities
  • Regime: Unitary Socialist Republic
  • Literacy rate: 35.3%
  • Currency: Swedish Krona
  • Population:39,320,630
  • Economy:Heavily Industrialized
  • Military strength: About 5,000,000
  • Favorite sport: Futball
  • Anthem: "Our Nation"
  • Motto: "Rätt och Sanning!" "Right and Truth!"

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