Nations, War, Diplomacy Oh My is an althistory created by MomoNdao101. This will show my ideas mashed into one big theory on display here. Note this is a Code Geass history but my perspective on how it should be. This will have some End War in here.


  1. Holy Britannian Empire
  2. Chinese Federation
  3. United Federation of Nations
  4. Eurasian Union
  5. Australia


  1. Australia will be a European puppet State ( Since Britannia never got the chance to conquer it)
  2. The Eurasian Union Will have a War with Britannia
  3. New York is New Dublin
  4. D.C. will be named Westminster D.P. (District of Prosperity)
  5. Pendragon will be more advanced then D..C.
  6. Paris is the capital of the EU
  7. The capital of the later UFN will be United City (Hong Kong)
  8. Britannia invades Japan at the end of the counterpart of WW2
  9. Japan will gain independence and becomes a Kingdom

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