Spanish State
Estado Español
Timeline: Look Out, Sir! (Map Game)
Flag of Facist Spain Coat of Arms of Spain (1945-1977)
Flag Coat of Arms

"Una, Grande y Libre" (Spanish)
("One, Great and Free")

Anthem "Marcha Real"
Capital Madrid
Largest city Madrid
Language Spanish
Religion Roman Catholic
Legislature Fascist Single-party authoritarian dictatorial state
Caudillo Francisco Franco
Prime Minister Francisco Gómez-Jordana
Area 796 030 km²
Population 35,563,535 

The Spanish State, also called Nationalist Spain is a nation in Europe.


Nationalist Spain has an army size of 3,500,000 men and have about 1,000 tanks. They still haven't planned to conquer land. They sent 500,000 men to fight in the war of Brazil.


Nationalist Spain has started relations with the Third Reich and has planned not to attack Portugal.

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