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Nationalistische Republik Österreich (German)
Nationalist Republic of Austria (English)

Timeline: Axis vs Allies Revised (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Austria
NRAustria Flag
Location of Austria
Location of Austria
(and largest city)
Language German
Religion Christians
Government Nationalist Republic
  legislature The Upper Tier
Established 1918
Currency Austrian Mark
Organizations UN.
Austria is a state in Central Europe, bordering Germany, Italy and Yugoslavia.


In early 1954, the leader of the Peoples Nationalist Party won the elections by a large majority vote. This support allowed him to successfully reform the governing body of the nation and turn it into a Nationalist Republic. They then proceeded to have an election which the Peoples Nationalist Party won by 100% of the turnout however it should be noted that they were the only party that was given as a choice for government.



Economic sectors.
Sector. % of national economy
Primary Industry 31.2 %
Secondary Industry 49.6 %
Tertiary Industry 21.9 %

Natural Resources

  • Iron ore
  • Crude oil
  • Natural gas
  • Timber
  • Tungsten
  • Magnesite
  • Lignite
  • Cement


Air Force

  • 3 Fighter Wings
  • 1 Bomber Wing
  • 1 Strategic Wing
  • 24 Hind-Boeing-Junker Ju 77 (Long Range Heavy Payload Bomber)
  • 25 F-6 Hind (Escort Jet Fighters, Modified for Long Range)
  • 1 Multi-Purpose Wing


No route to sea.


Brigade Classification

  • Infantry Division

The standard fighting unit of the armed forces, adaptable to many situations.

  • Panzer Division

The armoured unit of the armed forces, used specifically to break enemy lines.

  • Mechanised Division

The mechanised unit of the armed forces, used for infantry roles requiring greater mobility.

Order of Battle

  • 16 Divisions
  • 14 Infantry Divisions
  • 2 Panzer Divisions

Austrian Space Program

  • Is part of the EASA and provides scientists and materials for the EASA space program. (1 Imperium Guy 20:34, October 8, 2011 (UTC))
  • Is part of the GASA and provides scientists and materials for the GASA space program.

Weapons Programs

  • To be done.



to be done


to be done


to be done

Government Owned Companies

  1. to be done


A Nationalist Republican state.


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