Royaume de France
Kingdom of France
Flag of France.svg
1931–1946 Flag of France.svg
Flag of Wallonia.svg
Pavillon royal de la France.svg Coat of Arms of France (KoA).svg
Flag Coat of arms
Location of Nationalist France.png
Location of the Kingdom of France (green) and occupied territories (light green)
Capital Paris
Official language French
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Single-party parliamentary monarchy
 - 1931-1941 Alphonse I
 - 1941-1946 Henry V
 - 1931-1943 Charles Maurras
 - 1943-1946 Philippe Pétain
 - Acts of 1931 15 September 1931
 - Coronation of King Alphonse I 28 June 1932
 - Entrance into World War II 4 September 1939
 - Death of Alphonse I and ascension of Henry V 28 February 1941
 - Surrender to the Allied powers 14 May 1944
 - Monarchy abolished 1 December 1946
Currency Franc
Today part of Flag of France France
Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Italy
Flag of Wallonia Wallonia
Flag of Algeria Algeria

Nationalist France is a common name given to France from 1931 to World War II when the political party Action Française gained control of France in 1931 with the leadership of Charles Maurras. Shortly after the 1931 French Presidential Election, Maurras and the Action Française-dominated Parliament passed the Acts of 1931, restoring the French monarchy and giving Maurras the privilege of being president for life, as well as suspending all other political parties in France. This allowed for King Alphonse, Charles Maurras, and Action Française, now known as the Avant Populaire Français, to gain extensive powers over the French population.

Following the ascension of King Alphonse I, who was previously King of Spain, France began a massive military build up and began to be seen as a threat by Germany. The nation's economy soon rose out of the Great Depression as being strong and powerful, contributing to the nation's might. In 1939, Maurras declared war on Germany and Italy in response to their declaration of war on Austria.

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