Nacionalista Argentina
Nationalist Argentina
Timeline: Look Out, Sir! (Map Game)
Nationalist Argentina Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms

"Poder, gloria, honor" (Spanish)
("Power, Glory, Honor.")

Anthem "Himno Nacional Argentino"
Capital Bunoes Aires
Largest city Buenos Aires
Language Spanish/English
Religion Roman Catholic
Legislature Presidential republic
1142037 km²
  water (%) 6.4
Population 38,000,000(35th) 
Police line at Hrushevsky

An Argentinian outpost in the Andes Mountains, Chile.


Nationalist Argentina is currently in WW2, invading Brazil. They are getting support from The Third Reich, and are allies with Chile. They have invaded Uruguay, and is naw a part of them. They have an army size of 4,000,000 men (3,000,000 are only part time) and have about 20,000 tanks. They are trying to (With the other Axis Powers) get more land and power.


Nationalist Argentina has good relations with the Third Reich and Chile but has a rocky relationship with Great Britain. This is because over a dispute over the Falkland Islands which have been one of the worst foreign relations of all time.

late 1800's-1940's

From 1880 to 1930, Argentina became one of the world's 10 richest nations as a result of the rapid expansion of agriculture and foreign investment in infrastructure. However, The American Great Depression brought a halt to this period of booming expansion, and combined with other social and political changes to usher in a period of less stable governance. The governments of the 1930s attempted to contain the currents of economic and political change that eventually led to a military coup and the subsequent emergence of Juan Domingo Peron (b. 1897). New social forces were seeking political spots, as Nationalism finally took the spot.

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