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National Unity Party
Leader Malcolm Turnbull
Chairperson Michael French
Founded 2 June 1867
149 years ago
Preceded by United Cygnia Party
Headquarters 9 Challenger St.
Student wing Collegian Unitarians
Youth wing Young Unitarians
Women's wing National League of Unitarian Women
International wing Unitarians Overseas
Membership  (2016) 5,992,303
Ideology Conservatism
Economic liberalism
Fiscal conservatism
Social conservatism
International affiliation International Democrat Union
Official colours      Blue
National Assembly
181 / 480
31 / 82
State Ministries
5 / 18
Territorial Ministries
2 / 6
Election symbol
NUP emu blue

The National Unity Party (NUP), colloquially referred to as the Blue Emus (after their mascot) and its members as the same or as Unitarians, is one of the two major contemporary political parties in Cygnia, the other being its historic rival, the Democratic Labour Party.

There have been 10 National Unity chancellors, the first being Charles Wallace, who served a second term as the first NUP chancellor from 1869 to 1873 when the collapsed United Cygnia Party was reformed as the NUP. The most recent NUP chancellor was Malcolm Turnbull, who served from 2007 to 2011, and currently serves as the leader of the National Assembly caucus and Leader of the Opposition.

Founded by former members of the conservative United Cygnia Party in 1867, the Unitarians dominated politics nationally and in the majority of central and eastern States etween 1868 and 1876, and again during most of the period betwen 1883 and 1903.

Its current ideology is centre-right conservatism. That contrasts with Democratic Labour's democratic socialism and liberalism. The National Unity Party's platform involves support for free enterprise, business, a strong national defence, deregulation, restrictions on labour unions, social-conservative policies (particularly opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage), and traditional values, usually with a Judeo-Christian ethical foundation. The party's core support comes from the rural central and eastern regions of Cygnia, particularly the Wheatbelt, as well as conservative Catholics and evangelicals across the country. However, the NUP's support base has since 1977 been dwindling as demographic changes have resulted in a younger, more multi-ethnic and more socially liberal population.

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