The National Symbols of Brazil are the official symbols representing the Brazilian nation. The symbols are provided by the law Nº 191 of 1824. They are:

  • The Brazilian Monarch
  • The National Flag
  • The National Coat of Arms
  • The Brazilian National Anthem: Patria Amada (Portuguese: Beloved Fatherland)
  • The National Anthem of Independence: A Hino dos Libertos (Portuguese: Hymn of the Freedmen)
  • The National Flag Anthem: Pendão Verde e Amarelo (Portuguese: Green and Yellow Pennon)
  • The National Anthem of Freedom: Lampejo da Aurora (Portuguese: Dawn's Gleaming)
  • The National Seal
  • National colors: Green and Yellow
  • National Animal: Jaguar (also known Brazilian panther) and the Green Wyvern (unofficial)
  • National Bird: Harpy eagle (also known as Brazilian royal eagle)
  • National Tree: Purple Ipê (Handroanthus impetiginosus)
  • National Flower: Vitória Regia (Victoria amazonica)
  • Personifications of the Nation: Brazilia Regina; Cabralia
  • National mottos: "Genti Plures Origins" (Latin: People of Many Origins); "Gigas Dormiens Nunquam Pertubare" (Latim: Never Disturb a Sleeping Giant); and the government motto: "Ordem e Progresso" (Portuguese: Order and Progress)


Brazilian National Anthem - Beloved Fatherland

Hino Nacional

The Brazilian National Anthem

Portuguese Lyrics English Translation

National Anthem of Independence - Hymn of the Freedmen

Hino da Independência

The National Independence Anthem

Portuguese Lyrics English Translation

National Flag Anthem - Green and Yellow Pennon

Hino à Bandeira

The National Flag Anthem

Portuguese Lyrics English Translation

National Freedom Anthem - Dawn's Gleaming

Hino à Liberdade

The National Freedom Anthem

Portuguese Lyrics English Translation


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