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National Socialism, also known as Left-Wing Nationalism, is a political ideology founded by Nicolás Repetto in Argentina in the early 1920's, and later expanded and addapted by Benito Mussolini in Italy, Ernst Röhm in Germany and Craig J. Beaumont in the Confederate States of America. It advocates state control of most, if not all, means of production in a nation, as well as a strong national identity of a people. Many people can consider this being a form of socialism as proposed by Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels, but with a more nationalistic beant to encourage the people to work for the greater good of the nation.


After the defeat of the United Coalition in the Second Global War, the defeated nations were forced to give up territory and the inability to build large standing armies, and had to pay crippling reparations. The economic depression in 1916-17 didn't help matters, as governments of all nations struggled to revert back from war production to peacetime. Hyper inflation of the defeated nations, caused by over printing of money, ruined many in the middle class, while a rising chorus of "stabbed in the back" by elitist generals and wealthy industrialists lead to a rise of extremist parties on both the right and the left.

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