The National Soccer League (NSL) is the primary professional soccer league in the United States. Founded in 1968 with a mere 6 teams, the NSL is the newest of professional sports leagues to begin operating in North America, and is also the smallest, with 20 teams, divided equally between into Eastern and Western Conferences. The NSL's popularity began to peak in the late 1970s, and entered a slow decline soon after, a decline that has roughly stabilized as of 1997. The league has averaged roughly 13,000 fans per-game in each season over the past twenty years.


Eastern Conference

Team Stadium City Founded Joined
Atlanta Apollos Georgia Dome Atlanta, GA 1968 1968
Baltimore Bays Memorial Stadium Baltimore, MD 1968 1968
Boston Minutemen Hunt Field Boston, MA 1974 1974
Chicago Sting Harbor Park Chicago, IL 1974 1974
Detroit Cougars Detroit Metro Park Detroit, SM 1968 1968
Manhattan Generals Giants Stadium East Rutherford, NJ 1968 1968
Philadelphia Fury Veterans Stadium Philadelphia, PA 1978 1978
Rochester Lancers Hollender Memorial Stadium Rochester, NY 1967 1968
Tampa Bay Rowdies Tampa Stadium Tampa, EF 1974 1974
Yorktown Blizzards Lakedome Yorktown, ER 1971 1971

Western Conference

Team Stadium City Joined Founded
Dallas Tornado Texas Stadium Dallas, TX 1968 1968
Golden Bay Earthquakes Spartan Stadium San Jose, CA 1974 1974
Galveston Hurricanes Texas City Center Galveston, TX 1978 1978
Las Vegas Quicksilvers Las Vegas Stadium Las Vegas, AZ 1976 1976
Los Angeles Aztecs LA Sports Arena Los Angeles, CA 1974 1974
Minnesota Strikers Met Center Minneapolis, MN 1984 1984
Falmouth Timbers Memorial Coliseum Falmouth, OR 1972 1972
San Diego Shockers Jack Murphy Stadium San Diego, BA 1978 1978
Seattle Sounders Kingdome Seattle, WA 1974 1974
Vancouver Whitecaps Rockfield Park Vancouver, CL 1974 1974

Soccer Bowl

Year Venue Champions Runner-Up Score
1968 Georgia Dome Manhattan Generals Atlanta Apollos 6-2
1969 Giants Stadium Rochester Lancers Manhattan Generals 3-1
1970 Hollender Memorial Stadium Rochester Lancers Atlanta Appolos 7-5
1971 Detroit Metro Park Detroit Cougars Baltimore Bays 6-1
1972 Texas Stadium DallasTornado Yorktown Blizzards 4-2

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