National Shooters Organization
Natsional'nyy Strelyalki organizatsiya
Abbreviation RNSO/NSO
Motto "In defense of the citizens"
Type Civil rights
Legal status active
Purpose/focus Firearms ownership rights
Political lobbying
Headquarters Flag of Russia St Petersburg, Russia
Official languages Russian, English
Founder Vladislav Khorvatsky
President Miroslav Gronkovich
Vice President Ivan Rekaev
Spokesperson Tamara Martova
Affiliations NSO Law & Action
NSO Foundation

The Soviet National Shooters Organization (Russian: Cоветский Национальный Стрелялки организация, Russkiy Natsional'nyy Strelyalki Organizatsiya, Ukrainian: Советская национальная организация съемки, Belarusian: Савецкая нацыянальная арганізацыя здымкі), abbreviated as the SNSO, sometimes simply known as the National Shooters Organization (especially in Russia itself), is a gun-rights organization in the Soviet Union. 

It is one out of three of the Federation's largest gun clubs, including the Smoothbore Federation and the Motherland Rifle Owners Coalition. It currently has the second-largest amount of members, numbering a total of 993,432 people.

The SNSO was found by Vladislav Khorvatsky, who like the Smoothbore Federation's founder Nikolay Patrushev, was a veteran of the Soviet Armed Forces and for a brief time, its successor, the Russian Armed Forces. It was formed on July 3, 2004. 

A distinction between the Smoothbore Federation is that the SNSO focuses much of its goals on self-defense, whilst also embracing hunting, recreational sport-shooting and collecting as activities that it seeks to protect. Because of this, the SNSO has gained much political influence, and played a major contribution in the legalizing of self-defense as a reason for purchasing a firearm in 2011 under the presidency of Dmitry Medvedev.

Its main headquarters are located in St Petersburg, Russia but also has centers in Moscow. Like the American NRA, the Soviet NSO also rates politicians on their stance on gun rights. The NSO also contributes by funding war museums in Russia. The NSO also currently plans on building their own museum of historical war memorabilia once they receive sufficient funds.