National Senate
Senado Nacional
Coat of arms or logo.
Type Upper House
President of the Senate Roberto Requião, PSDP
since November 2012
Leader of the Alliance Paulo Paim, PTP
Leader of the Opposition Aécio Neves, PLP
Established March 1837
Members 39
National Senate Political groups Government Alliance (21)

  Workers' Party (4)

  Progressist Party (3)

  Republican Party (3)

  Populist Party (2)
Senate Opposition (14)
Democratic Opposition
  Liberal Party (3)

  Democratic Party (5)

  Conservative Union (1)

  Nationalist Party (1)

Left Opposition
  Communist Party (4)

Other parties (4)
  Socialist Party (1)

  Loyalist Party (1)

  Independents (2)
National Senate Voting system Majority vote
National Senate Last election February 2014
Meeting place
Vista do Palácio Anchieta.JPG
Palácio Anchieta, Piratininga

The National Senate (Portuguese: Senado Nacional) is the upper house of the Congress of San Paulo.

Created by the third Constitution of the Kingdom of San Paulo in 1836, it was initially similar to the United Kingdom's House of Lords.

Since the Democratization of the Country in 1974 the National Senate has resembled the Columbian Senate.