The National People's Party (German: Nationale Volkspartei, or NVP) is a far-right political Austrian political party that was formed in 1969 upon the union of the Landbund and Worker's Party and which briefly sat in government with the Christian Social Party following the collapse of the CS-LVP coalition government in late 1970. The six months they spent as part of the coalition would be the last time they sat in government for 19 years, serving as a third-party fringe organization until it was invited into Alois Mock's third government in 1990, with Jörg Haider serving as Vice Chancellor, and then becoming the Main Opposition in 1997 after earning 72 seats. The NVP suffered heavy losses in the 2003 election and spent most of the 2000s in the "wilderness" after nearly failing to cross the 5% threshold needed to enter Parliament in 2003. After Haider's death in a 2008 car accident, the party has moved towards the center on many economic issues while moving further right on immigration and "cultural" issues. The current party leader is Heinz-Christian Strache. The NVP currently has 20 seats in the 250-seat National Assembly.

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