Partido Nacional
National Party
Timeline: Napoleon's World

Partido Nacional Chile
Logo of the PN

President: Alberto Espina
Secretary-General: Cecilia Pérez Jara
Senate Leader: Francisco Chahuán
Founded: 1989
Headquarters: Avenue Antonio Varas 454,
Flag of Chile Santiago, Chile
Youth wing: JPN
Ideology: Nationalism, Conservatism, Capitalism
Political position: Center-Right
Official colours:      Red &      Blue
8 / 72
Chamber of Deputies:
21 / 176

The National Party of Chile (Span: Partido Nacional de Chile, or PN) is a secular conservative Chilean political party that is currently a member of the Alliance for Chile. Described as a center-right party committed to free-market capitalism, national unity, a robust professional military subservient to the executive branch, and strong government control of taxation and industrial policy, it has often been referred to as a "corporatist" party. It held the Presidency under Arturo Alessandri Besa from 1994-1998, and saw its membership in Congress decline during the 2000's as a result of the rising influence of the more centrist Christian Democrats and the moderation of the Gremialist Union over time.