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Partido Nacional de Chile
National Party of Chile
Timeline: Central World

Emblema Partido Nacional Chile
Logo of the National Party

President: Juan Antonio Coloma
Leader: Andrés Allamand
Founded: September 18, 1970
Founding parties: Liberal Party & Conservative Party
Headquarters: Av. Arturo Alessandri Palma 1542, Santiago de Chile
Youth wing: Juventud Nacional
Ideology: Conservatism
National conservatism
Political position: Center-Right
Official colours:      Red &      blue
Chamber of Deputies:
46 / 168
14 / 60

The National Party of Chile (Spanish: Partido Nacional de Chile) is a chilean political party; and is one of the dominant parties of the Country.


The party was formed by the union of Chile's two traditional right-wing parties, the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party in 1970, with the former-president J. Alessandri Rodríguez as first party's president.

President of the Party

Presidential candidates

The following is a list of the presidential candidates supported by the National Party.

  • 1970: Pedro Ibáñez Ojeda
  • 1974: Patricio Phillips Peñafiel
  • 1978: Sergio Onofre Jarpa
  • 1982: Francisco Bulnes Sanfuentes
  • 1986: Francisco Bulnes Sanfuentes


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