National Party for Media Freedom (World Imformation Center)

Status: Active Political party
National Party For Media Freedom

The National Party for Media Freedom is a political party in the Second Democratic Reich of Germany. The NPMF is a single issue party, and is affiliated with the global WIO Freisetzung! Outside of its singal issue concentration on media and internet freedom the NPMF attempts to not take a position on any othr issue, according to party director (And member of the Freisetzung! investment board) Hermann Ablard the party believes that in order for the German Reich to enter a state of true democracy it must have complete media freedom of imformation.

Party statistics:

Paramilitary: No (Political partys are not allowed to be paramilitary under the German constituition)

Leader: Hermann Albard

Number of seats in Reichstag: 11/500

Coalition:Coalition for free dialog (Koalition für freie Dialog)