The National Party
Founder Winston Churchill
Leader Nadine Dorries
Founded 1944
Youth Wing Nationals of the Future
Membership 45,000
Ideology Nationalism, Social Conservatism, Eurosceptisism, Populism
Political position Right Wing
Official colours Purple, Blue

Officialy the National Unionist Party is a Right Wing British Political party.


The formation of a national Party was first considered by Churchill in 1931, following the first round table conference on Indian independence and Churchill's belief that conservative prime ministers Baldwin, Chamberlain and Halifax were "crippling" the British Empire. At the 1940 Churchill was reelected as an "Independent Nationalist Conservative", and sat in the commons as an independent. When Halifax announced the Conservative led National Government would enter the 1944 general election on a platform of Indian Independence, Churchill announced he would form a new party. He was able to put forward candidates (With the help of wealthy Tory Donors) in over 500 of the 640 constituencies.

25 Nationalist MP's were elected in the 1944 election, overtaking the liberal party as the 3rd party in British politics. The party walked a steady line between critisising the center-left social policies Conservative government of Anthony Eden, and the Labour opposition's demmands for nationalisation and a larger welfare state. The tactic paid off and in the 1949 general election the party gained over 20 MP's. The election resulted in a hung parliament, and the nationals joined the conservatives in forming a coalition. Churchill became Deputy Prime Minister, and gained great influence over the government's foreign affairs. The 1951 election resulted in another hung parliament, and Churchill remained Deputy Prime Minister until the coalition was defeated in the 1956 election. Despite this the nationals gained more seats.

Following the election Churchill stepped down as leader in favour of Enoch Powell.


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Winston Churchill 1944 - 19