The National Intelligence Cabinet (NIC) is a now-defunct civilian foreign intelligence agency in the United States of America that operated between 1946 and 1961. During its 15 years in operation, the NIC developed a modern style of foreign intelligence collection that included covert operations, especially in Africa during the 1950's, that helped align multiple African nations with the United States in the early stages of the Cold War.

Formed by Prescott Bush in 1946 to succeed the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the NIC was heavily involved in the collection of information and execution of covert operations in both Southern Africa and England during American military operations there, and set a blueprint for countries all over the world on how to properly and effectively integrate civilian and military resources in the same operational theater. Allegedy, NIC spies in France siphoned plans for nuclear weapons into the United States since as early as 1955, allowing the United States to begin rudimentary planning on its own nuclear device to counter Project Zeus.

During the Bomb Scare, Federal Bureau of Intelligence Director John Hoover's Presidential campaign promise was to combine the NIC with other minor civilian foreign intelligence agencies to better streamline the process of foreign intelligence collection. On January 24th, 1961, the NIC ceased to exist by Presidential decree and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) usurped all of its operational capacities, agents, archives and even planned headquarters site.

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