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This page is an attempt to collate all the fictional flags and emblems created for all the nations, colonies, political groups and organisations formed in the course of game [1], including several that were made obsolete by a roll back.


India UK Flag

The Hindustani flag


Population -945,000,000 (1970)

Location - Hind sub-continent

Capital - New Delhi

AvAr Flag of Egypt-Sudan svg

The flag of Egypt-Sudan.


Population 115,500,000 (1985)

Location - Egypt, Gaza, North Sudan, Dafour, Tegrie, north western Ethiopia and the over-seas territories .

Capital - Cairo

Avar Flag of Free Bohimia

The Free Bohemian Flag.

Free Bohemian republic

Population (1960)- 3,650,000.

Location- Bohemia.

Capital- Prague.

AvAr Neo- Bolivar Union flag

The Neo-Bolivarian Union flag.


Population (1956 est')- 42,600,800

Capital- Caracas

Location- South and Central America

Naval Ensign of Japan




Location - the Honshu and some Pacific islands

Capital - Tokyo

Flag of Republic of China (World of the Rising Sun)

Chinese flag



Location - East Asia

Capital - Beijing

Italian Empire

AvAr Vexilloid ofItalian Empire svg

The Vexilloid of the new Italian Empire.

Population- 45,000,000

Location - Italy, Litterol Bocovina, parts of Somalis, an Antarctic enclave and Tripolitania.

Capital - Rome.



The Caribbean Union Flag.



Location - British Empire, Belgian Congo, northern Arabia, Angola+

Capital - London

Client states and dependencies

Venezualan Clients and Dependencies

The Mayan Republic

Avar Flag of the Myan Republic

The Mayan Republic flag

Population (1951)- 1,720,000.

Location- S. W. Mexico.

Capital- Cancun.

Sao Tome, Principe and Cabinda

AvAr Sao Tome, Principe and Cabinda flag

The Sao Tome, Principe and Cabinda flag

Population (1955 est)- 778,000

Location- Central Africa.

Capital- Cabinda.



Trebisov and Košice (merged with Ruthenia)

Flag of Trebisov and Košice

Trebisov and Košice flag

Population (1958)- Trebisov- 42,000 and Košice 135,000.

Location- S.E. Slovakia.

Capital- Košice

Nyíregyháza (merged with Ruthenia)

AvAr Flag of Nyíregyháza

flag of Nyíregyháza.

Population (1958)- 46,500 in Nyíregyháza and 49,550 in Nyíregyháza district, et al.

Location- eastern Hungary.

Capital- Nyíregyháza


AvAr Flag of Ruthinia svg

The flag of Ruthenia.

Population (1958)- 805,000.

Location- Ruthenia.

Capital- Kust

The free state of Lake Balaton

Capital- Balatonberény

Balatonszentgyörgy-Balatonberény (merged in to Keszthely)

AvAr Flag of Balatonberény

The flag of Balatonszentgyörgy-Balatonberény state

Population (1950)-1,500 Balatonszentgyörgy-Balatonberény & 3,000 Hévíz

Location- western Hungary.

Capital- Balatonberény

The Free state of Keszthely, Fonyód and the Kis-Balaton wetlands

AvAr Fonyód and Keszthely flag

The Fonyód and Keszthely free state flag.

Population (1950)- 16,100.

Location- western Hungary.

Capital- Balatonberény

Central Arabia depenency

AvAr Saudi Caliphate of Riyadh flag

The Former Saudi Caliphate of Riyadh come Central Arabian flag.

Population (1950 est,)- 1,750,000

Location- Arabia.

Capital- Riyadh.

Bouvet and Lars Island, et al dependency

AvAr Bouvet and Lars Island, et al's flag

Bouvet and Lars Island, et al's flag.

Population (1955 est,)- 42 Norwegen sciantists, 12 Venezuelans and 10,000 penguins.

Location- Antarctica.

Capital- Bouvet island's Norwegen weather station.

South Orkneys, Hope bay, et al (dependency)

AvArSouth Orkneys, Hope bay, et al's flag

South Orkneys, Hope bay, et al's flag.

Population (1955 est,)- 32 Venezuelans, 2 Peruvians and 25,000 penguins.

Location- Antarctica.

Capital- Hope Bay's Venezuelan scientific station.

Democratic Ismir (protectorate)

Flag of Turkey

The flag of Ismir.

Population (1955 est.,)- 5,5000,450.

Location- Western Turkey.

Capital- Ismir until 1957, Istanbul there after.

Sudan (emergency rule until 1960)

Flag of South Sudan

The Sudanese flag.

Population (1955 est.,)- 4,250,000.

Location- North Africa.

Capital- Khartoom.

Faschist Greece (protectorate)

Avar Flag of Greece coup

The flag of the 1952-78 Greek Colonels' regime.

Population (1955 est.,)- 4,400,000.

Location- Greece.

Capital- Athins.

Austrian Clients and Dependencies

Oberlichtenau-Niederlichtenau-Pulsnitz (now an Austrian client)

AvAr Flag of Oberlichtenau

The flag of the villages of Oberlichtenau-Niederlichtenau.

Population (1958)-1,990 Oberlichtenau-Niederlichtenau & 4,550 Pulsnitz

Location- Eastern Germany.

Capital- Oberlichtenau.

Japanese Clients and Dependencies

Japanese Mexican Territory

Flag 475

Flag of the Japanese Mexican Territory


Location- North West Mexico

Capital- Guaymas

Empire-Protectorate of Iwo Jima

(Eye of the Storm) japan-empire

Flag of Iwo Jima

Population - 179

Capital-Iwo Jima

Location-Iwo Jima

Protectorate of Tonga

Flag of Tonga

Flag of Tonga

Population - ~1,000



Polish Protectorates and Clients

Mt Tarnica, et al (merged with Poland)

AvAr Flag of Mt Tarnica, et al

The flag of Mount Tarnica.

Population (1962)- 47 (Mt. Tarnica), Tarnica valley Village 138

Location- S.E. Poland [2].

Capital- The Shepard’s hamlet on Mt Tarnica.

Portuguese clients and Dependencies

Free Guiné (protectorate)

Flag of fee Guiné

The flag of Free Guiné.

Population (1955 est)- 775,000

Location- West Africa.

Capital- Bissau.

Yugoslav clients and Dependencies

Transdanubia of Hungary (Client)

Flag of Hungary

Transdanubia of Hungary.

Capital: Pécs

Population: ~3,062,868

Location: Western Hungary

Notes: This doesn't include The free state of Lake Balaton or The free state of Keszthely, Fonyód and the Kis-Balaton wetlands.

The Bahamas (puppet)

Flag of the Bahamas

The Bahamas

Capital: Nassau

Population: ~254,685

Location: North-Western Caribbean

Archipelago of Agalega (dependencies)

Population: ~150

Location: West Indian Ocean

Welch Island (dependencies)


Location:(67° 34′ 0″ S, 62° 56′ 0″ E)

Ex-Soviet states (no longer canon due to the 1950-1952 roll back).

  • Kursk soviet republic. (A planned communist, 1953)
  • Tomsk Socialist Republic. (communist, 1949-52)
  • Don- Dnipr soviet republic. (communist, 1950-52)
  • Islamic republic of Bashkortostan (Islamist, 1951-52)
  • Democratic state of Komi-Kirov. (pro-democracy, 1951-52)
  • Arkhangelsk SSR.(communist, 1952)
  • People's republic of the Urals/Urals SSR. (communist, 1952)
  • Chukotka (criminal olagarky. 1949-1952)
  • United Democratic States of Russia- (Democratic, American style, 1950-1952)
  • Soviet Union/USSR/CCCP- (communist, 1917-1952)
  • Old Russia Republic (pro-democracy, constitutional monarchy)


the Scandinavian Unified Military Alliance (SUMA)


  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Baltic states

The Eastern Superpowers


  • China
  • Japan
  • Hindustan.

Rebel movements


Avar Flag of Greece coup

The flag of the 1952-57 Greek Colonels' regime.

The flag of the 1952-57 Greek Colonels' regime.



Liberian Anti-Nationalist Rebels

Liberian Anti-Nationalist Flag

The flag of the 1952.6-1957.6 Liberian Anti-Nationalist Rebels.



  1. 1933-1948.6
  2. 1949.6-1960
  3. 1960.6-1969
  4. 1969.6-1982.6

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