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Han National Diet
Gokupuroung nyou Hani
Coat of arms or logo.
Type Bicameral
Speaker for the Senators Jang Shinmin
(Han Nationalist Party)
Speaker for the Congressmen Wang Sounggye
(Han Nationalist Party)
Members 720 seats (120 senators, 600 congressmen)
Senate Voting system Majority rule (secret ballot)
National Congress Voting system Majority rule (secret ballot)
Meeting place
National Diet Building, Mayouni-baraga, Imperial district, Hanyang

The National Diet of Hani (Han: 国会议的哈尼; 고쿠푸렁녀하니, tr. Gokupuroung nyou Hani) is Hani's bicameral legislature. It is divided into two houses; with the upper house being called the Senate while the lower house being called the National Congress. Based at the National Diet Building, a large complex located in a federally-owned area of land in the Imperial district, the Diet meets daily to convene on issues and laws relating to Hani. Both houses of the Diet vote in secret ballots and follow the majority rule voting system.




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