The National Democratic Union (Portuguese: ) was a Brazilian political party that represented the mainstream, conservative right of Brazilian politics between the overthrow of the monarchy and the 1974 Savala coup. The National Democrats supported the brief juntas of 1945-46 and 1957-58 and were in control of the National Assembly and thus government in the periods 1948-51, 1959-1961 and 1966-69. The UDN was initially supportive of Savala, believing that his junta would be a similarly short-lived interventionist period like during the previous two military governments, but were quickly sidelined by Savala's PBDN and banned in mid-1975. While a large minority of UDN members (in particular party officials) joined the Savalist party, a majority went into exile or joined the ERB to restore democracy to Brazil. The UDN's initial support of Savala and its similarity in name to Savala's PBDN prevented it from being reformed following the Brazilian Restoration. The National Renewal Party is seen as the successor to the mainstream UDN by many Brazilians due to them both being conservative, center-right political entities.

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