The National Democratic Brazilian Party (Portuguese: Partido Brasileiro Democrático Nacional), also known as the PBDN or colloquially as O Partido, was the political arm of Hugo Savala's regime, which held almost all of the seats in the Brazilian National Assembly during his thirteen-year regime. A hard right-wing, nationalistic party, the PBDN assumed control of the state media and core civil institutions with stunning quickness in the wake of the 1974 coup, largely with the complicity of the mainstream conservative parties, which believed they would be rewarded for their assistance. The PBDN, however, as the surrogate of Savala's military regime, promptly remastered Brazilian society and began the lengthy conflict that eventually became the Brazilian War.

Party officials lived lavishly in Rio de Janeiro during the Savala era and had almost full control of all aspects of Brazilian government. Anti-party members of all key ministries and in the military were either forced to flee or rounded up and executed, and the regime played off of societal tensions to maintain power. Between 1974-1987, an estimated seven million Brazilians died as a result of the regime's purges or the civil war waged during this period.

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