The Common gull, official symbol of the party

The National Conservative Party of Sweden (Swedish: Sveriges nationella konservativa parti, Finnish: Routsin kansallinen konservatiivinen puolue, Danish: Sveriges nationale konservative parti, Norwegian: Sveriges nasjonale konservative parti) is the largest political party in Sweden, and one of the three legal parties, the other two being the United Liberal Party and the Swedish Christian Party.

The party was founded by Arvid Lindman 1900, and has since then been in power.

The National Conservative Party of Sweden is a conservative party which thinks highly of the small units in society: family, church and civil society, but it is also pro-business and very military-friendly. The National Conservative Party is in favor of the Swedish monarchy, and many leading Swedish conservatives have been personal friends of the royal family.

After the founding of the party 1900, the chairmen have been:

1900-1918 Arvid Lindman

1918-1950 Count Gustaf Mannerheim

1950-1965 Baron Bertil Ohlin

1965-1970 Yngve von Holmberg

1970-1981 Gösta Bohman

1981-1986 Ulf Adelsohn

1986- Count Carl Bildt

Vice chairmen have been (this list is so far incomplete):

Urho Kekkonen (1950-1954)

Bo Lundgren (1999-2003)

Fredrik Reinfeldt (2003-)

The current vice chairman of the National Conservative Party of Sweden is Baron Fredrik Reinfeldt af Täby, who also is vice prime minister of Sweden. As Bildt has announced that he will retire by 15 August 2011, he is expected to succeed him.

The National Conservative Party of Sweden has an organization for women, the National Conservative Party's Women's League, and a youth organization, the National Conservatie Youth League.

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