National Chinese Republic
Timeline: Age of Kings
Flag of Wuchang Uprising NCR Seal
Flag Seal

驅除韃虜, 恢復中華, 創立民國, 平均地權 (Mandarin Chinese)
("To expel the Tartar barbarians, to revive Zhonghua, to establish a Republic, and to distribute land equally among the people")

(and largest city)
Language Mandarin Chinese
Government Republic
President Huang Xing
Established October 11th, 1911
Currency Republican Tael

The National Chinese Republic was a transitional republic established by the Wuchang Uprising in 1911. Widespread revolts in the Qing Empire lead to the Royal Family abdicating, and the National Republic took the reigns for a few months until the reformed Republic of China took its place in 1912.



The National Chinese Republic was founded in the aftermath of the Wuchang Rebellion and the abdication of the last Qing Emperor Pu Yi in 1911. Led by members of the Tongmenghui, the republic was quick to initialize the ideals that they had in mind. A provisional capital was established in Nanking.

Transition and End

The National Chinese Republic only lasted for four months. After initial skirmishes with monarchists and independence movements, a more formal and permanent government was required. The Republic of China was declared later that year, and campaigns were launched to reign in the independence movements.

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