The National Basketball League is a professional basketball league in North Brendania with teams from Virginia and Alaska. It consists of twenty teams, 17 in Virginia and one from Alaska. The league was created in 1946.


In 1888, and blizzard hit coast of Virginia, mainly affecting the city of New York. As sports could not be played outside, indoor sports became popular. Eventually basketball was created. The new sport became extremely popular in Maryland, and soon a small league began operating. Baltimore and New York teams dominated, and a rivalry began known as the Old Line Brawl.

Basketball's popularity expanded, and high schools across Virginia began to play the game. Games during the Thirties began to be broadcast by radio, expanding basketball's population even more. Eventually the National Basketball League was founded in 1946.


Eastern Conference

Northern Division New York Empires

Baltimore Hunters

Pittsburgh Blacksmiths

Washington Governors

Virginia Battleships

Southern Division

Atlanta Cardinals

Jackson Generals

Greenville Knights

North Carolina Black Bears

Miami Explorers

Western Conference

Northern Division

Springfield Bison

Omaha Bluejays

Madison Lakers

Iowa Thundering Herd

Grand Rapids Wolverines

Southern Division

Arkansas Hogs

Texas Bombers

New Barcelona Gators

Oklahoma Steamers

Dallas Lighting

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