A national anthem is a song praising and representing a certain country, ideology, religion, ethnic group, et cetera.


Ey Iran (instrumental)02:53

Ey Iran (instrumental)

Ey Aram (in its more popular Persianized form) is one of the most renowed anthems in history. Its melody has also been used for the Iranian anthem among others.

Second Delphic Hymn to Apollo06:32

Second Delphic Hymn to Apollo.

The Second Delphic Hymn to Apollo was the first religious anthem, picked by the Greek Pagans to represent themselves.

Saudi Arabia National Anthem00:47

Saudi Arabia National Anthem

The Medinan Empire's anthem, declared by reckless emperor Muhammad II to mock the Aramaic people.

The first known national anthem is attested to be the two (most often the Second) Delphic Hymns to Apollo, in its anthem form only Ode to Apollo (Greek: Ωδή στον Απόλλωνα, O̱dí̱ ston Apóllo̱na), an Ancient Delphic song adopted by the Greek Pagans in order to differentiate themselves from the larger Greek Christian community. Soon afterwards, the first military and national anthem was adopted by the Empire of Mecca, was mostly a mocking tune with mocking tunes of the "decaying and pox-infested" Byzantine and Aramean emperors. It is attested it was adopted during the War of the Trinity and the Religious Crisis of the VIII Century, although most of them delay the anthem adopting until as far as the 1100's.

List of National Anthems

Ode to Apollo

Second Delphic Hymn to Apollo.

Medinan Anthem

Saudi Arabia National Anthem

Anthem of the Persian Empire

Ey Iran (vocal)

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