Us noi

The Nation of Islam flag, adopted 1961.

The Nation of Islam (Arabic:Hammad de Islam) is a country in the Middle East founded as a Muslim nation. It borders Equbla to the west and the Arab Legions  the South. Officially, it is led by the Grand Mufti and the congress of Mecca. Although it is also led by several Ambassadors and Nationalists to nearby countries.


Capital: Tehran

Largest City:Baghdad

Official Language: Arabic

Type of Government: Theocratic Constitutional Democracy

Grand Mufti: Syed Shujaat Ali Qadri

Head of Mecca Congress: Mohammad-Reza Rahimi

Population: 41,942,777

Currency: Pak

Religion: 98% Islamic, 1% Roman Catholic, other 1%

Literacy: 74.5

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