This is the Nation profile page for The Greater Americas (Map Game).


Northern Territories - GunsnadGlory

Large nation situated in the far north of OTL Canada and inludes Greenland. Mainly tundra and mountains. Very cold. Good relations with natives of the area. Minimal poverty. High, sparse population. Small military, but very tough.

Nemaska -

Smallish nation in OTL Quebec. Forest and tundra. Cold climate. Some poverty. Towns are mainly fishing towns on the coast. Main income from fishing. Small population. Mostly religious. Small military. Decent navy.


Small nation on the coast of the Hudson bay. Low population. Small military, small navy. Logging and fishing are the main sources of income.

Vulktarn - Patrioticaction

Moderate sized nation just north of the Mojave States. Mainly mountains and forest. Temperate climate. Large population. Several large cities. Average military. Good navy. Threat of volcanoes in the Cascade range.

Union of Greater States: (shared between players)

Union of Great States - 1 Imperium Guy

Very large nation situated on the great plains of North America. Temperate climate. Widespread farming. Large population. Many large cities. Very large military. Average navy.

Mojave States - Enclavehunter

Moderate sized nation situated in the Mojave Desert, Baja and some of the Rockies, colony in Hawaii. Deserts and mountains, and islands. Very hot. Main income from mining and coffee from Hawaii. Small, sparse urban areas. Low population. OTL Small military. Small navy. Prone to earthquakes but usually well prepared.

Azteca - RandomWriterGuy

Large nation taking up all of mainland Central America. Desert, mountains and jungle. Warm climate. Logging widespread, and farming on volcanic soils. Several cities. Common poverty. High population. Largely religious (especially Christian). Large, elite military. Decent navy. Prone to volcanoes and earthquakes. Colonizing lands in Southeast Asia and East Africa.
Aztec flag

Flag of the Aztec Empire


Antilia -

See main article: Antilia (The Greater Americas)

United Amazon - TacoCopper 00:03, February 14, 2012 (UTC)

United Amazon

Incan Empire - Monster Pumpkin

See main article: The Incan Empire (The Greater Americas)

East American Confederacy -

Large nation on the east coast of South America. Warm climate. Dry forest and highlands. Huge population. Very densely populated. Many huge cities. Widespread poverty. Unstable government. Large military. Average navy.

Patagon - IhaveSonar

Patagon flag

The flag of Patagon

A nation comprised of five territories: Patagon, Australis, South Calland, Somoa, and the Falklands, with a total population of 12,100,000. Patagon has among the highest industry levels and lowest poverty levels in the world, making it a major economic and political power in South America and around the globe. This is backed up by one of the world's strongest navies and a very well-equipped, albeit medium-sized, army.


Holy Kingdom of Europe - Bobalugee1940

See main article: Holy Kingdom of Europe (The Greater Americas)

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