— Confederate State of Mississippia
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Louisiana
Flag of Natchez
Flag of Natchez
Capital Adena
Largest city Adena
Other cities TBD
Language Mississippian, French
Religion French Catholicism
Ethnic group Mississippian
Demonym Natchezian
Chief tbd
Population 896,231 (1580) 
Established 1579
 Natchez was the last admitted confederate state of the Mississippian Confederation. The second confederate state to be split off of another confederate state (in this case, Moundville), Natchez controlled the basin of the Mississippia River, including a major seaport located at the mouth of the river. One of the most important confederate states in terms of international trade, Natchez's importance was underscored by its small size.

Natchez bordered the French colony of Nouvelle Rouen and the its fellow confederate states Moundville and Parkin.




Year Population Change
1570 N/A N/A
1580 896,231 N/A


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