Gallia Narbonensis
— Imperial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Southern France
Narbonensis II
Location of Gallia Narbonensis
(and largest city)
Massilia (Marseille)
Other cities Narbo (Narbonne)
Latin (Lingua Latina)
  others Celtic (Lingua Celticarum)
Religion Roman Polytheism
Ethnic group Arverni, Allobroges
Government Senatorial Province
  legislature Governor and Senator of Narbonensis
Established 630 (123 BC)

A Short History of Narbonensis

Narbonensis was established as another Gallica Province. It has the long name of Gallia Narbonensis which comes from the name of its first Military Base in the city of Narbo (Narbonne), which was the first capital of the Province. After the Aquitanian expansion, Narbonensis became part of Aquitania along with the Provinces of Gallia Lugdunensis and Belgica. After the Frankish Revolution the people of Narbonensis chose their independence from both Aquitania and from Francia. No records of Governors from beofre the independence of Narbonensis in 1029 (276 AD) from Aquitania survived these wars and revolutions. Narbonensis was dominated by the family of General Amphion Praetextus who led the fight against Aquitania.

A List of Governors of Narbonensis

Amphion Candidus Praetextus 1029-1041 (276-288 AD)

Amphion Candidus Praetextus II 1041-1063 (288-310 AD)

Amphion Candidus Praetextus III 1063-1077 (310-324 AD)

Narses Iuncus Praetextus 1077-1092 (324-339 AD)

Amphion Candidus Praetextus IV 1092-1104 (339-351 AD)

Haterius Gratidianus Praetextus 1104-1119 (351-366 AD)

Haterius Gratidianus Praetextus 1119-1131 (366-378 AD)

Aphion Candidus Praetextus V 1131-1145 (378-392 AD)

Amphion Candidus Praetextus VI 1145-1158 (392-405 AD)

Haterius Gratidianus Praetextus III 1158-1173 (405-420 AD)

Amphion Candidus Praetextus VII 1173-1191 (420-438 AD)

Amphion Candidus Praetextus VIII 1191-1216 (438-463 AD)


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