Napolia includes all of Europe and some parts of Asia. Since America controlled Canada and became a empire Britain lost most of the resources they needed to defeat Napoleon so Napoleon conquered Britain, Italy, Russia, Spain, and Portugal. As Napoleon continued to expand his empire,there were several riots and five rebellions all crushed with ruthless authority. Napolia successfully traded with the Roman Empire of America. The former leaders of each country decided to overthrow Napoleon. In 1820 the former rulers launched a unsuccessful attack and it was a slaughterfest. Every single rebel was killed and only one soldier was killed. After that there were no more attempts to overthrow Napoleon. Napolia enter a era of peace, 120 years later Adolf Hitler,tired of being ruled by France, leads a revolt in 1940, that kills thousands of French living all over Napolia. When Hitler and his small army of 500 men, most German of British, marched to Paris and attacked the capital and Napolia's ruler Napoleon IX. But Napoleon had heard the news days earlier and assembled his entire army and destroyed the entire rebel force but not before learning where Hitler was born. Later in 1940, the small town where Adolf Hitler was born, Braunaucam, was attacked, bombed by airplanes and what was left blasted away by tanks, The people were massacred, no survivors. Later that day Napoleon IX appeared on television warning the people of Napolia that if they didn't obey him he would destroy their town. 60 years later, Napoleon XI was tired of ruling such a large country so he disbanded Napolia and each country made new borders but France still had a large piece of land in Europe.

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