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Napoleon had succesfully beaten the Coalition at the battle of Waterloo. He continued to march on into Germany unchallenged. At Berlin met the Prussian Army along side with the British and Austrian Forces numbering around 250. 000. Napoleon with an army numbering around 150,000 joined by many Germans who wanted freedom from the Prussians. Though, outnumbered he secretly was able to sent 10,000 cavalry to flank the united army and in doing so had massacring the entire army and capturing Berlin and later all of Prussia. Not soon after this devastating defeat at Berlin, the Austrian Government called on the British for support against Napoleon who now entered into Austrian territory with an army now standing at 300,000. The British had just barely got the messenger out of Germany to find out that the Austrian capital has fallen and the rest of the territory, either have already fallen or is near, falling into Napoleon's hands. King John ordered the navy to be station and surround the entire island. Within two months Spain and Portugal and Italy have fallen to now the Napoleonic Empire and retake Poland from Russia, and has taken back the Balkans from the Ottomans.

Second invasion of Russia

Napoleon now has the confidence of his ability to launch a second invasion of Russia. He raised an army numbering around 1,000,000 strong. Russia now caught completely off guard was forced to retreat from the massive Army and to abandoned Moscow to Napoleon. Not soon after Russia counter-attacks against Napoleon's army, The battle of Ural Mountains begins. Napoleon leads his men into battle alongside with his cavalry smashes through the Russian defense lines but were beaten back as cannon fire began a hail fire at them. With the same thing over and over again Napoleon had finally given up in taking all of Russia. But had managed to put down rebellions all across Europe, in doing so he had all of continental Europe from Portugal to the Ural mountains under his rule but continues to clash with the Russian armies in the east, but also had to deal with the British.

Invasion of Britain

Napoleon has eyed the island for a long time, and has been plotting his invasion. At first he chooses not to attack the Isles, but goes on to attack its colonies. With the help of the United States, he is able to capture all of the British colonies. In return the Americans are granted territory, from east to west. Canada gains independence. Latin America also gains its freedom from Europe and has since been shadowed by the Americans. After hearing word of their loss, King John, now seeing defeat orders the Army for a last stand. A nearing French fleet battles with the British home fleet now reduced from a fleet of 10,000 to less then 1000. As soon as the first wave of French troops land in London the British army suddenly surrenders to the French. King John is later executed in London as his last words were: "Your thousand year Empire will Crumble"


In 1825 President Mich is elected president of the United States. He declares Napoleon a dictator and asks congress to sever all relations with his empire. Congress, seeing his ways, accepts President Mich's proposal and declares the country isolated from the rest of the world.

Soon after, United States invades Canada and and buys Alaska from the economically drained Russians.

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