Napoleonic Wars (Venice-Italian Supremacy)

Napoleonic Wars (Venice-Italian Supremacy)

Date 1804 - 1815
Location Europe
Result Victory of the Napoleonic Alliance
Napoleonic Alliance

FrenchFlagFrench Empire
800px-Flag of the Confederation of the RhineConfederation of the Rhine
ItalianKingdomVeniceKingdom and Papacy of Italy

East Europe Coalition

OldAustriaFlagAustrian Empire
Flag of Russian Empire for private use (1914–1917)Russian Empire

Casualties and losses

2 000 000 Soldiers and 1 000 000 Civilians

5 000 000 Soldiers and 500 000 Civilians

The Napoleonic wars were a series of conflicts in Europe, which changed forever the old order of Europe. The two losers in the war, Austria and Russia were shared between France and Italy, that made new monarch relatives, but left them independent.