Empire of the French
Napoleonic Empire
Flag of France.svg
Marche consulaire
Royal anthem: 
(and largest city)
Other cities Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Berlin
Official languages French, Latin
Regional Languages Catalan, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian
Demonym French, Napoleonic
Government Federal constitutional monarchy
 -  Emperor Napoleon Francis
 -  Prime Minister Arnold Schwarzenegger
Legislature Grand Assembly
 -  Imperial declaration 18 May 1804 
 -  End of the Civil War 7 April 1945 
 -   estimate 270,740,000 
Currency Libra (RLB)
Time zone TUC -1 to 0
Date formats DD/MM/YYYY (new)
Drives on the Right
The Empire of the French, commonly known as France, the Napoleonic Empire, or simply The Empire, is a nation western and central Europe. The empire has its base in the old Kingdom of France, which was overthrown in the French Revolution and led to a series of successive governments that ended with the formation of the Empire of the French by Napoleon Bonaparte, which expanded with the addition of Italian and German territories. The empire was one of the great powers of the world from its formation until the Civil War, a war that shook that world and broke the power of the Napoleonic emperors. Today, the empire remains a strong regional power in Europe and Northern Africa and retains membership in the Commonwealth.