In this timeline Napoleon takes much more caution in Russia, the military campaigns in the country last for over a year though, a worn down Russian Empire with most of its major city's burnt to the ground including Moscow and St Petersburg is forced to unconditionally surrender and accept peace terms. Tsar Alexander I of Russia abdicates and goes into exile while Napoleon declares the former giant French territory, though Siberia would still remain independent.


- Napoleon is much more careful in Russia and takes time carefully planning his attacks, the French campaigns in Russia last until June 1813 when Tsar Alexander is forced to accept surrender, however he continues to rule a Tsar of Siberia.

- Between June 1813 and February 1814 Napoleon slowly destroys what is left of the Austrian army, the French Grand Army enters Vienna on February 22nd, 1814, and burns the city to the ground. Emperor Francis abdicates and flees Austria.

- Napoleon next concentrates on Britain, he decides on an daring attack by sea. The French Navy is severely damaged during the Battle of the English Channel but the British Navy is defeated, albeit barely.

- The French finally arrive on British soil in June 1814. Huge defeats take place for the British in Southern England, London is Marched on by the Grand Army in October. Fighting continues in Northern England.

- Between October, 1814 and May 1815, Fighting Continues in England. By May 1815 the British are pushed out of England completely and rather than seeing there nation destroyed they surrender.

- The Congress of Paris takes place in June, 1815. The Congress was a major treaty which said all French Vassal states are annexed by the French Empire, a small portion of Prussia could o independent. The Scotland and Ireland could stay independent as well.



French Empire (Napoleon is Victorious)

United Kingdom of Scotland and Ireland (Napoleon is Victorious)

Kingdom of Portugal (Napoleon is Victorious)

Kingdom of Prussia (Napoleon is Victorious)

Kingdom of Denmark (Napoleon is Victorious)

Kingdom of Sweden (Napoleon is Victorious)

Kingdom of Greece (Napoleon so Victorious)

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