Napoleon Killed at Toulon

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During the Siege of Toulon, Napoleon puts his artillery up on a smaller hill near the bay instead of hill of Cairo. He and his artillery are spotted, though, by an Anglo ship and the captain ordered his guns to fire on that position. An artillery shell hit right next to Napoleon wounding him. Napoleon is evacuated from the city and dies two days later in the hospital. The French defeat at Toulon does not stop the French Republic from winning, though. During the so-called First Coalition, which began in 1796 with France declaring that it would "save its people from the power abusing Sardinia", the French Army was to be commanded by Dominique Jacques, a commander who had served with the French army for 16 years, but was a "drunkaholic" and did not think twice when he put a plan into action. On April 12, 1796, 'Jacques' army marched toward Montenotte and he was sure that the Sardinians would be caught off guard, but the night before a man on patrol with a copy of Jacques map was killed by an Sardinian sharpshooter. The plans showed exactly what Jacques' army was going to do. When the French army arrived they were met with a small force of 5000 men and seven cannons compared to Jacques' army of 10,000 men and 18 cannons. The French, though, were in the open while the Sardinians were inside buildings and behind barricades with there artillery on a hill. The French were slaughtered by the small and ill equipped Sardinians. Jacques, who was not willing to accept defeat, moved to Dego, Mondovia, and then to Turin, but he was defeated at every battle. He died unwilling to surrender in Turin with some of his most loyal troops. The French Army retreated with Sardinia right on their backs until finally the French army surrendered on May 7th at Lyon. This major French defeat led to:

  • France's defeat showed Spain how weak they were and they did not give the Louisiana territory back to France.
  • Sardinia not only gained more land and money, it became an empire.
  • France's defeat shows Prussia what it could become if it didn't use the right tactics, leading to a stronger army for Prussia.
  • No Napoleonic war means no war of 1812

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