Napoleon I
Napoleon portrait.jpg
The Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries, by Jacques-Louis David, 1812
Emperor of the French
Reign 18 May 1804 – 24 December 1829
Coronation 2 December 1804
Predecessor Position created
Napoleon was previously First Consul of the French Republic (1799–1804)
Successor Napoleon II
King of Italy
Reign 17 March 1805 – 24 December 1829
Coronation 26 May 1805
Predecessor Charles V (King in 1556)
Napoleon was previously President of the Italian Republic (1802–1805)
Protector of the Confederation of the Rhine
Reign 6 August 1806 –
24 December 1829
Predecessor Francis II (Held equivalent post as Holy Roman Emperor)
Successor Napoleon II
Spouse Joséphine de Beauharnais
Marie Louise of Austria
Issue Napoleon II
Full name
Napoleon Bonaparte
House House of Bonaparte
Father Carlo Buonaparte
Mother Letizia Ramolino
Born 15 August 1769
Ajaccio, Corsica, France
Died 24 December 1829 (aged 60)
Tuileries Palace, Paris

Burial Arc de Triomphe, Paris
Religion Roman Catholicism

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