Napoleon IV
Emperor of the French

Prince Impérial, 1878, Londres, BNF Gallica.jpg
Photo of the Emperor in more modest attire
3rd Emperor of the French
Reign 8 October 1873 - present
Coronation 2 April 1874
Predecessor Napoleon III(As Emperor)
Empress Eugénie(Acted as Regent)
Prince Imperial
Reign 16 March 1856 - 8 October 1873
Predecessor Napoleon II
Successor Charles Louis Napoleon Francis Joseph
Consort Empress Gisela
Issue Charles Louis Napoleon Francis Joseph, Prince of Burgundy
Guillaume Victor Emmanuel Ferdinand Napoleon Henri, Prince of Normandy
Full name
Napoléon Eugène Louis Jean Joseph
House Bonaparte
Father Emperor Napoleon III
Mother Empress Eugénie
Born 16 March 1856
Paris, French Empire
Religion Roman Catholic
Napoleon IV (full name: Napoléon Eugène Louis Jean Joseph Bonaparte) was the only child of the Emperor Napoleon III and his wife Empress Eugénie. He assumed the throne in 8 October 1873 after his father death. although only fully reigned after 16 March 1874.
As the heir to the throne from birth, Napoleon IV was trained to be Emperor and fully hold its constitutional duties. After a well founded attempt to make an alliance with the South German Empire, Napoleon III arranged an marriage between his son and the daughter of Franz Joseph I, South German Emperor. From that union, it has currently been born Charles Louis Napoleon, Prince of Burgundy (25th October 1874) and Guillaume Victor Emmanuel Ferdinand Napoleon Henri, Prince of Normandy (29th March 1876).