Napoleon IV
Emperor of the French

Napoléon Eugène Bonaparte, sitting.jpg
Reign 1874-1890
Predecessor Napoleon III
Successor Monarchy Abolished
House Bonaparte
Born 16 March 1856
Paris, France

Napoleon IV was the second and last emperor of the Second French Empire, from 1874-1890. During his ascension to the throne, France was divided as rebellion and revolution threatened to break out. The power of Socialists, communists, and radicals grew during the end of his father's rule, and under the rule of Napoleon IV, their power only grew as the Emperor made concessions and reforms to try to appease these groups. Over time, Napoleon IV, who became increasingly militarized, hoped that a foreign victory would help turn the tide. He got his war in 1890, when the new socialist Republic of Germany invaded the French allied Confederation of the Rhine. Unfortunately for Napoleon IV, the heavily industrialized Germans defeated the French, and Napoleon IV was forced to abdicate as a new socialist revolutionary government replaced the Second French Empire.

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